5 Fun Ways to Embody Buslife During Lockdown

Lockdown. The unexpected, but rapidly implemented regulation that has radically shifted our pace of life. It is a necessary step, to make sure our medical institutions are not overwhelmed with sick patients from the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it has also stripped us of our freedom of movement, something Buslifers thrive on.

We cannot change this right now, but we can change what we make of our situation. Other traits of a Buslifer are their resilience to change, creativity and their powerful ability to have fun! The Buslifers team has been thinking up their own creative ways to keep entertained during the lockdown while embodying the essence of Buslife as well. Here are our top five ways to embody Buslife during lockdown!

Puzzle-powered presence

The feeling of presence is something that everyone seeks. That’s part of living the Buslife. It helps slow down the pace of life and open up opportunities to be in the moment.

Do you know what else can power that feeling of presence? PUZZLES! In a meditative state you can be drawn into the cryptic collage of puzzle pieces, taking your time to savour each satisfying click of the piece into place.

Our favorite ones are of course VW Bus themed. For those with plenty of patience, this 3000 piece puzzle or this 2000 piece puzzle will keep you entertained and present for several hours. For the kids, try this 162 piece 3D puzzle instead.

If you still desire the feeling of presence but want a bit more creative freedom, why not try this VW Bus themed coloring book! It will definitely keep you entertained for a good portion of the lockdown.

Top Tip: Puzzles make great wall art when they are finished, why not frame it and hang it up!

Build the bus during the lockdown

Okay, Okay, this might sound like a big undertaking, but how about on a miniature scale? Ever wanted to build your own VW Bus from scratch? It’s the dream!

We really love this LEGO VW Bus build, but who doesn’t live LEGO right?

If you want to build a more realistic VW Bus model, there is this beautiful version from Revell which requires building, gluing and painting. If that sounds like too much work, this quick build version from Airfix is a good option.

Not everyone has the knack or patience for building and much prefer the thrills of a good race. That’s why we love this radio controlled VW Bus from Maisto. Get two and go head-to-head in a VW Bus race!

Top Tip: Use furniture and everyday items to build yourself the ultimate race course!

The ultimate lockdown adventure

Who needs to travel far away to some exotic place, when there is plenty of adventure to be had in the garden? Get the old tent out of a garage, pitch it wherever you can and let your imagination run free. Make a full day of it and explore your garden like you’ve never done before by zooming in on the smallest details. The bug safari is an all time favorite!

This really is a great way to keep the kids entertained and you will love it too! If you have a child who really feels most at home in the VW Bus, try this themed tent to keep them happy!

Top Tip: While a garden is nice, it’s an unnecessary luxury. Even the living room can make a great campsite and there are still plenty of bugs to be found in the barren wastelands under the sofa! 

The Buslifers library selection

Paper has a certain absorptive quality, especially in the form of a book. In this case, it absorbs your attention in exchange for knowledge, entertainment and inspiration. Best of all, there are so many VW Bus books out there!

If you are into the history of the VW Bus we recommend you read this book or this book. For the wildest and outrageous VW Bus ideas we recommend this book instead.

When it comes to culture, this book by Foster Huntington and this book by Kathleen Morton are not to be missed.

Top Tip: By purchasing the last two books, you are also supporting other Buslifers to carry on their adventures. 

Inspiration for the first post-lockdown trip

No lockdown entertainment list would be complete without a couple of awesome movies. Of course, we’ve selected three movies where our favorite character is the lead role. Yes, the VW Bus!

In this movie, follow four famous bands on a 3000 mile tour across America in 5 classic VW Buses. Expect some great additions to your next road trip playlist here.

Little Miss Sunshine, is a cozy classic about a family’s cross-country road trip in a bright yellow VW Bus. With multiple Oscar awards, you know this is not to be missed.

Last but not least, Damon Ristau encompasses the entire history of the VW Bus in this quirky and thoroughly enjoyable documentary!

Top Tip: If you need more movies after this one, we will shortly be creating a more extensive list of our top VW Bus related movies. Stay Tuned!

This is a great list of things you can do to embody Buslife during the lockdown, however, you can always check the Buslifers magazine for other Buslife inspiration while you are waiting to adventure again.

What else have you been doing to keep entertained during the lockdown? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Nathen

Hey Buslifers! I'm the creative director of the Buslifers Network and I am super happy to be here. I have been living in Vehicles for the last 5 years and find the adventure and lifestyle to be truly authentic and inspiring. I have self-converted three different vehicles and have a great in-depth knowledge of living on the road, sustainable living, and vehicle conversions. You can follow me @nathenfitchen or @wearewildfeet on Instagram. You might also appreciate my other page @responsiblevanlife, where I love to share knowledge about sustainable living on the road. I look forward to connecting with you!


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