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In 2003, we unexpectedly found our calling in the form of our first Classic VW Bus. She was a white 1971 Bay window campervan. She had a lot of miles to her name, but she was still in perfect shape. We named her Westy. In the years to come, she didn’t just carry us all throughout Europe. She initiated us into an inviting, global community that taught us so much about life and joy.

Making Friends

We met fellow Classic VW Bus travelers and true friends at just about every rest stop and campground between the Iberian Peninsula and Scandinavia.

Even behind the wheel, cruising the coiled cliffside roads of Northern Italy or the long strips of the fast-moving Autobahn, whenever we passed another Classic VW Bus we’d exchange knowing nods and friendly waves. It was as if the buses we drove communicated something to each other about the values we shared.

After hundreds of these encounters, plus a lot of shared campsites and adventures, we knew we were a part of something special. The affection we felt for Westy became inseparable from the affection we felt for our community.

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Discovering Shared Values

We realized we didn’t just have the same vehicles with an unparalleled vintage feel and timeless charm. We also shared common values and an adventurous outlook.

Classic VW Buses capture the hearts of so many different people. Young people just starting out; old couples getting away from it all; nature loving families enjoying campfires; young couples hitting the open road seeking to explore the world. It’s our lifestyle centered on boundless adventure, freedom, and passion that binds us together.

Sharing that passion is our mission. We love connecting like-minded enthusiasts with each other. We adore swapping adventure stories with other fans and Classic VW bus owners. It gives us a thrill to introduce new aficionados to the joy the Classic VW Bus lifestyle offers.

In the end, that’s why we’re here. We touch base with the old hands and reach out to folks who are just now discovering the glory of a road trip in their first Classic VW Bus.

We’re so happy you’ve chosen to share your passion with us and the BusLifers community.

Our Values

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The BusLifers community stretches around the world and shares a bond that goes beyond language barriers and distance.

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Beyond just a means of transportation, Classic VW Buses are rolling homes that can set off wherever the road takes them.

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No matter who you are or how busy your work keeps you, a VW Bus promises the adventure of a weeklong trip to a far-off canyon

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Sure, there are other ways to travel. But nothing beats taking a road trip in your Classic VW Bus. With simple, nostalgic charm.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the #1 Classic VW Bus Community, a place where VW Bus enthusiasts come together to share inspiring experiences, get to know each other, explore products and services related to the VW Bus lifestyle.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to share the joy of the BusLife lifestyle. We do this by:

  •    Connecting fellow VW Bus enthusiasts around the world
  •    Inspiring people to share their stories
  •    Promoting products, services, and events that bring us all together.
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