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Great you have decided to join the Buslifers Crew – you are awesome! Now let’s get your ambassador profile set up. It’s as simple as answering the questions below and we will do the rest for you. Don’t worry once the profile is up and running you can always request an update to make sure you are absolutely happy with it. While it is preferred that you complete this application in English, if you find it easier please write in your native language and we will do our best to translate it for you.


Alright so let’s begin with the short stuff:








Now to go a little deeper:





Next, give your best advice for the community!

Below you will find 20 questions, that we think the community wants answers to. We want you to pick the 5 you can answer best and share your wisdom. If you feel like answering more than 5 that’s okay too, but we will add your best 5 to your profile. The answers don’t need to be long, just 100 words maximum. Have fun!











Finally, share your best photos!

The part that really makes your profile alive! These will go at the very top of your profile for all the world to see. Add your favorite photos and try to keep to our specifications:

  • Include up to 20 photos (max. 1MB per photo to avoid upload errors)

  • Include at least one picture of yourself with your bus

  • Include at least one of your bus interior

  • Landscape orientation is best, but a combination of landscape and portrait images is fine

Upload your images here and then hit submit and you are done. Congratulations!

Alternatively, if you find it easier you can send your images in via email. Send them over to

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