We are Eric & Joana, from the South of France. After saving several years, we left everything in 2015 for an adventure that should be a simple roadtrip and has become a real way of life! Discovering the unkown and meeting different people, we have lived on the road since July 2015 in a VW Bus.  With already 125.000 kms traveled aboard “Popo” our VW T3 is exploring America! Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America and soon Alaska and South America. The journey has been long and we hope it will be even longer.

“To stay is to exist, to travel is to live” by Gustave Nadaud. We went to find ourselves and learned a lot through others, about ourselves. The trip is very educational both about what surrounds us and about which drives us the most. Our thirst for elsewhere is immense and we learned through the windows of our VW Bus to see and live the world differently. A gigantic and infinite world that begs to be explored. We try to share as much as possible the beauty and fragility of the latter. Is not the travel synonymous with sharing and exchange? Every day we make incredible encounters and try to bring down some of the apriori that stick unfortunately to the skin of some countries. There is benevolence everywhere, people greet you and give you everything while they do not have much, beauty is everywhere if you bother to look and it is important to take care of people and the things around us. People and things are not eternal, we must know how to appreciate them and pamper them. We will see how far this adventure will lead us.