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We are Eric and Joana, two thirties from the south of France. In June 2015 we changed our way of life and took the road. A project that was really important to us and for which we worked hard for years. We sold our furniture, left our apartment in France and we went on an adventure, heading to North America where we bought our 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia, name «Popo». After more than 4 years on the road, we can say that the «Road Trip» has turned into a real way of life…


“To stay is to exist, to travel is to live.” Gustave Nadaud We left to find ourselves and learned a lot through others, about ourselves. Travel is very educational about what is around us and what we like most. Our thirst for «Elsewhere» is huge and we learned through the windows of our VW Bus to see and live the world differently. A gigantic and infinite world just waiting to be explored. We try to share as much as possible its beauty and fragility. Travel is synonymous with sharing and exchange, no?! Every day we make incredible encounters and try to bring down some of the apriori that unfortunately stick to the skin of some countries. There is benevolence everywhere, people greet you and give you everything while they don’t have much. Beauty is everywhere if you bother to look and it is important to take care of people and things around us. People and things are not eternal, you have to know how to appreciate and pamper them. We will see how far this adventure will take us.

classic volkswagen


What does the BusLife mean to you?

It’s a real community, bus owners are always friendly and ready to help, anytime, anywhere. Being part of this, is to belong to a huge family!

What are the biggest advantages and challenges of living the BusLife?

To be free! You can go everywhere, it’s a tiny machine, there is always a place for a VW Bus. But it’s also a challenge specially the rainy days when you are stuck in your «shoebox»…

Tell us your favourite destination you have travelled to so far?

Wow, very hard question… Alaska was amazing but Southern Utah is probably the most incredible place. Everything is so unique there!


What’s your favourite thing about your VW Bus?

All VW Buses have a friendly face. It’s crazy how many people we met just because we have a Bus!

What advise would you give to anyone starting a travel adventure in a VW Bus?

«It’s not a fast car, it’s a fast house» Don’t be in a hurry, enjoy the view, keep calm and relax (and start learning mechanics haha). 😉

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