We are Katherine (Mexican) and Anthony (French), two traveling professors working on an educational project called EduCarT, We are traveling aboard an old 1975 VW T2B VW Bus nicknamed “La Prima”. We are also accompanied by Ginette the frog, our stuffed mascot who likes to meet children! We started our big Educational Adventure in Latin America on August 1st 2017. In one year, we traveled 20 000 km, from Mexico to Argentina. We crossed 18 countries and visited 90 schools! At the end of this journey, we managed to export our Mexican VW Bus from Uruguay to Belgium in order to repatriate it to France. He is also in full restoration to prepare the continuation! To Europe? Asia? Africa? Mystery!

This Educational Adventure aims to link the taste of travel and meetings with that of Education. In order to observe, analyze and understand what motivates children to learn and to form as future citizens of the world, we go out to meet the world’s children and adolescents with a message of openness and tolerance. “We are all equal, all humans. But we are also, culturally, historically or linguistically, all different … This difference is our richness: we must cultivate it and be proud of it! “We propose to the children we met to participate in our international exchange of drawings whose theme is” Draw- me your life “. Whether it’s their life at home, at school, their passions, their dreams: children are free to deliver the message of their choice. A paper and a pencil and all the children of the world can participate! To date, we have already collected more than 10,000 drawings, half of which have been shared around the world! In parallel with this artistic theme, we work with children and adults to bring our awareness the benefits of recycling for our planet and the imperatives of environmental protection.