We are Franco (29), Marita (27) and Mestiza, our 1990 VW Bus in which we travel since August 2018. The idea of travel was born several years ago, at a point in our lives where while we felt we were moving forward was not  where we really  wanted to, we were uncomfortable and the more things we got in society, the more that discomfort grew. 

We could say that there came a time when risking was more exciting than life in the city, we knew that there was something beyond the known and the steps to follow that from a young age showed us society to achieve a happy future, where almost everything is planned and things are achieved based on sacrifices… deep down we felt well on our way to experiencing so-called happiness, but we still didn’t get it.


We travel to be happy, to live without time, to observe ourselves, to know, to grow, to discover ourselves, to seek our truth and to find our divinity in the world.



What does the BusLife mean to you?

A beautiful community that symbolizes a lifestyle that invites you to leave the ornaments of life to focus on the essentials.

What are the biggest advantages and challenges of living the BusLife?

The biggest advantage is that it allows you to connect with the real sense of life, with your purpose, so any challenge becomes an opportunity to discover a new dimension of yourself.

Tell us your favourite destination you have travelled to so far?

It is very difficult for us to think of one place because it is often not the destination that moves you, but the people with which you connect. However, to feel that energetically mobilized us a lot Jujuy and Chosmalal  (Argentina).


What’s your favourite thing about your VW Bus?

Her magic, her positive energy that accompanies her in every movement. We love that she is able to generate a positive feeling in the other just by seeing her.

What advise would you give to anyone starting a travel adventure in a VW Bus?

That you will not regret, that all the efforts put into carrying out this adventure are worth, that incredible friends await you, who will forget about the time, who will be immensely rich, that your heart, soul and spirit will overflow at every sunset, that you will advance many kilometers outward and inward, and that you will always remember your days in kombi  as the best decision of your lives.

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