Marta the Westy


My name is Kimmy, i bought the VW Bus (Märta – After my grandma) in England in November 2018 and exported it to Sweden where i live. She is a 1971 VW T2 Earlybay Westfalia. She has been in USA most of her life until 2015 when it was exported to England to a young couple who wanted to live the camper life. But when they realised they didnt have time for her i decided to buy it from them after i saw an ad on Ebay. I do almost never travel without my right hand in life, My girlfriends Linnea.


The reason i travel in an old VW Bus is the community with all the nice people and the adventure. Also i love the old VW Buses.

Marta the Westy


What does the BusLife mean to you?

BusLife for me is a way of therapy. if im stressed about something we just go out for a weekend and just enjoy the simple places like staying close to the sea or in the woods.

What are the biggest advantages and challenges of living the BusLife?

There is alot of challanges with the BusLife, I’m probably the worst mechanic ever but with this Bus i really want to learn and be able to fix my problems along the way when we are on an adventure. So i bought 2 handbooks how to fix stuff, and so far ive suprised myself by learning and fixing alot on the way.

Tell us your favourite destination you have travelled to so far?

The best destination so far was when we stopped in Dunkirk, France and slept for the first night in her on our way home from UK.

What’s your favourite thing about your VW Bus?

My favorite part is the Westy-Poptop. Just love to pop it and just enjoy everyones looks at her. People wanna take pictures and ask questions about her.

What advise would you give to anyone starting a travel adventure in a VW Bus?

My advise is to buy Volkswagen Official Service Manual book. Because in there you got all the help you need.

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