We are Selene and Humberto, Italian and Venezuelan. We leave our countries of origin by choice and by necessity. We met at the home of the migrants from La Paz, Bolivia, in 2016 and after a year of Bolivian life the idea of starting to live in a VW Bus was born. We found our 2001 VW Bus, Frontera, in the famous market of El Alto and in September 2017 we started guiding ourselves with the idea of traveling through Latin America and working in any way to support ourselves, regardless of the professions and previous positions. We left convinced that there is a more human, more essential life alternative, where time, places, experiences , social relations, learning and work are all elements that are fed back and balanced with each other to, as adults, remember a path of life that was really worth it. In April 2018, we were joined by our Chilean mascot Tobby Mapuche, that until now, continues to leave admirers in their trail.


We travel to transmit a path of life that is movement and change, of people and ideas. We want to show the richness of the meeting and diversity in a world that is born and evolves thanks to the integration of different cultures. So, what better way to see the trip as a metaphor for migration? What better way to approach people leaving seeds of dialogue and exchange away from stereotypes and prejudices? We want to reach Mexico, the heart of migration, living the challenges of being migrants, of being travelers. To be foreigners in distant lands with all the intention of demonstrating that in the end we are only people. Each one with its history, its need and its reason. Everyone with their right to migrate. Everyone on their life journey. And maybe this story takes us to another continent.