Hey, my name is Timmy, and my girlfriend Lena and I are on our way to the exciting and well known BusLife!

I can´t remember when I first played with the thought of buying a VW Bus T3 as my first car, but somehow I fell in love with this vehicle. I grew up with camping, as a child I drove around in an old VW Bus LT with my family and since then I never wanted to travel in a different way. So in the age of 16, before I even had my driving license, I bought my very first car, my beloved VW Bus T3. My dream of traveling in my own van was finally about to become true.

By now we are 17 and have our VW Bus for about a year. We both live in Austria, that’s why our first road trips where through the stunning nature and through the great cities in Austria. One of the most memorable trips was to the beautiful Alps in Tyrol. There are so many things to do and to explore in the Mountains, those are the reasons why we want to see as many of them as possible. But there´s also another reason for my love to mountains and that’s my passion for snowboarding. So I want to travel in the name of sports.


Board sport and BusLife is what we want to bring together, that we can give every day another adventure and a whole new experience.

Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Stand up paddling, Longboarding and hopefully Surfing someday, these are activities which should go along besides traveling. In summer 2019 we started a weeklong trip to Tyrol and it was the best feeling to go snowboarding on the one day and wakeboarding on the next. The Flexibility is just one of thousand things I love about our VW Bus and it´s also much cheaper and more exciting than staying in a hotel.

Our mission is to find a good way to work from the van and travel as many countries as possible. To all the amazing mountains for snowboarding, all the beautiful lakes and oceans for wakeboarding and stand up paddling and to all the cities that we can explore with our longboards. We have all of this in Austria (except the ocean), but there´s so much more to see.



What does the BusLife mean to you?

It´s the opportunity to live close TO the nature and WITH the nature. Everything revolves around her. In times where people do everything to work against our mother earth, we want to keep the connection and celebrate it. There’s nothing better than forgetting a clock and instead living by a compass and the sun, that’s what we live for. Buslife means not just freedom, but also independence. We learned to be patient and also being grateful for every ray of sunshine, for a simple home cooked meal or just a great place to stop and spend the night. You begin to appreciate the little things in life in another way.

We always knew that’s exactly what we want, but we never thought it will mean so much to us. With our VW Bus T3 we will never stop exploring, because we know the adventure never stops. Just like Bowie said we will never know where we are going but we can promise it will never be boring. One of the best things of our VW Bus is that he keeps us safe but in the same time he will always keep us wild.  

We are Lena and Timmy, two souls longing for freedom and adventure. Two souls full of joy and happiness. Two souls who want to live their life to the fullest while living the BUSLIFE.   

What are the biggest advantages and challenges of living the BusLife?

You also get a lot of other advantages with the BusLife and one of those many things is the opportunity is to stay wherever the hell you want to stay! You can just jump in your van, drive to the next mountain, get yourself a nice place to stay with a good view and stay for the night. We also use our VW Bus in everyday life and I don’t see driving around with a big car or a small house as a disadvantage. For example, when I drive to my school I can always take my wakeboard with me and drive to the next cable park after school. I could even cook my own dinner, stay there over night and drive back to school the next day. A normal car wouldn’t be an opportunity for me. You can only get from A to B, but if you want to stay somewhere you have to get an expensive hotel room. It´s comfortable and cheap, that means it´s perfect for students like us, because a VW Bus T3 is everything in one car! Our perfect everyday car and campervan, but most of all, our beloved home.

The only challenge is to get all your stuff in your VW Bus if you want to go on a longer trip. But this is only because we want to take our boards everywhere we go. And this includes wakeboards, snowboards, SUPs and longboards. Yeah, this is a lot of big stuff to store, but we are going to have a good solution for this problem soon. A roof rack! First of all, it looks awesome on every VW adventure Bus and secondly, we can store all the big boards on the roof, that’s the best point.

The only challenge we can´t solve with an easy solution is our slow traveling speed because of our 57hp diesel engine, but I wouldn’t really count this as a disadvantage. It chills down the art of traveling, so we don’t need to stress ourselves, because we will be late anyway. 😉 Okay the last one was a joke, but the journey is our goal, so it doesn’t matter if we spend more time on the road than people with a “faster” van. And as they say, it´s not a slow car, it’s a fast house.

Tell us your favourite destination you have travelled to so far?

We love the mountains, that’s why we like to travel around the area of Tyrol.

What’s your favourite thing about your VW Bus?

Our favorite thing about the VW Bus is definitely the old-school classic look which makes this car so unique!


What advise would you give to anyone starting a travel adventure in a VW Bus?

Over a year ago we made a plan out of our dream. Over a year ago we decided to just go for it, to make our dreams come true and to live the life we always wanted to live.


If two 17 year old students can do this, YOU can also to this. Just go for it, no matter how far away your goal is and how hard the work will be. Because there´s nothing better than the faces of those who never believed you could do that. DO IT.


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