We are Ethel and Hernán traveling with Felicitas Chavela, since 2017. When we left for the first time, we traveled in South America in our WV Bus T2 of 1984, which we treat like our daughter even if she is the same age as Hernan. We’re both from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 


We go out to live differently, to realize that we make the decision of how we want to live it and not as the society in which we live tells us. That it is only study and work with only a few days of vacation. While we travel we work on the journey and with the sale of our handicrafts we can support the trip and decide the times when we rest. Take the good from other people’s ways and sometimes be proud of your own. To know spectacular places that would not be at our disposal in any other way, and above all and the things that we enjoy the most are the friendships that we make along the way, those that make us want to return to each country where we pass. 


What does the BusLife mean to you?

A lifestyle, a free life, that gives you the possibility to put your little house in the places you choose and want to enjoy.


What are the biggest advantages and challenges of living the BusLife?

Freedom, meeting people, flavors and living new experiences every day. But it has its challenges such as learning to live with fewer comforts, knowing how to reinvent yourself and learning to be more tolerant.

Tell us your favourite destination you have travelled to so far?

So far as country we are selecting Brazil.  

What’s your favourite thing about your VW Bus?

All! It is a classic vehicle, it embellishes every landscape and is a caller of new friendships and customers

What advise would you give to anyone starting a travel adventure in a VW Bus?

Adapt your VW Bus with the basic amenities you need to live, spare parts you may need and can be hard to get elsewhere and especially be open to plan changes, never go as planned! 

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