We are Caro (37) and César (40) of Córdoba although the last 7 years we were living in Buenos Aires. Seeking to change the demanding rhythm, the routine, the work in the office, we decided to give a turn in our lives, renounce what one calls “safe” and venture to the uncertain, the unknown, to let ourselves be surprised, to reconnect with nature and with ourselves. So we added Lucy, a VW Bus from ’86 to our plan.


We want to unite Argentina with Alaska, and along the way we aspire to know each other more, to put ourselves to the test, to nourish ourselves with landscapes, cultures, views, experiences; other ways of seeing, feeling, thinking about life. We want to share and to share with us; to help and to help us, to teach and to teach us; to get rid of prejudices; to look and listen more. We want a simpler life but at the same time more enriching. This is what our dream is about, our “Rolling Lives” project, leaving a mark, transmitting this feeling and being able to inspire other people.