Hello, we are Philipp, Yurena and our VW Bus T3 Reinhold.  We have been a couple for many years and about 8 years ago we adopted Reinhold and he has become a family member for us. Our VW Bus was born in 1984 and has been proudly calling itself classic cars for several years. “Reini” has already accompanied us on many trips and has never let us down, even though we sent him through Croatia with four people, four bikes and lots of luggage.


Our mission is to get our Reini up to scratch. It is completely renewed and raised.

Then we start. For a year, we want to be on the road with Reinhold. The destination is the island of Tenerife, where part of our family originates and still lives. We look forward to the way there, the fantastic landscapes, the sea and the people we will get to know.



What does the BusLife mean to you?

For us, life on the bus means one thing above all: freedom! Just get in, drive and let yourself drift. In winter, when we are at home, it is often enough to just sit down on the bus and enjoy the smell of freedom for a moment. But the VW Bus is also like a home on wheels “Home is where your VW Bus is”. It conveys a piece of security and homeland no matter where you are. For us, there is simply nothing more beautiful than travelling on the bus. You enjoy the slow travel and you are connected to nature, whether it’s dinner under the stars, washing in the river or going to the toilet behind a tree ;). But the best thing is that you travel completely self-determined.  

What are the biggest advantages and challenges of living the BusLife?

The biggest advantage: Just everything!

The biggest challenge: the lack of space. Here it benefits you to simply take as little as possible with you and to make the division in the bus as space-saving as possible. You also have to get used to the fact that everything is a bit more tedious. Where can I go to the toilet and wash?

Tell us your favourite destination you have travelled to so far?

The most beautiful place, with Reinhold, was so far Croatia. Crystal clear blue water, white rough cliffs, fragrant pine trees and historic Roman cities.

Without Reinhold, we were most influenced by South America. We were fascinated by the incas in Peru, the beauty of the Altiplano in Chile and Bolivia, and the abundance of species in the Amazon rainforest.

What’s your favourite thing about your VW Bus?

The most beautiful thing about our Reinhold is that it looks a bit like an old opi. The velvet curtains on the windows, the patterned upholstery fabric, the cockpit. And it is essential that this remains the case.

What advise would you give to anyone starting a travel adventure in a VW Bus?

A VW bus is always a good investment. It’s not just a car, it’s a way of life.

And then it’s best to just get on with it. The most adventurous thing is to camp wild. There are great apps to help you find the best places.

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