Keeping the Kids Entertained on Long Driving Days

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Some would say that the Buslife lifestyle is a good way to learn some valuable lessons about your family, including for your kids. It is not only an exciting and memorable journey, but at times, a truly testing way to travel. Especially with those small children who need to be kept entertained!

To ensure that you experience more rewarding days from your road trips and that Buslife with your family and children runs as smoothly as you’d hope, we’ve pulled together some of the best ways to entertain them. Especially during those long driving days, where any extra support is welcomed to entertain the kids!

Journey Times

Before we get started, it is always a good idea to confirm how long a ‘long’ driving day is – especially with children. When you are on a Buslife adventure, it is easy to get swept away with the idea of continuing to move, to get to the next destination.

However, that is easier said than done. For anyone traveling with children, it is important to not only ensure that you have lots of snacks with you but to also try and implement the ‘three-hour rule’. This means, no more than three hours of travel on the road in one go.

There are so many hours in the day that you can keep your children entertained. So if the road trip is expected to last longer than three hours, ensure to plan a stop-off every few hours, or even for the night!

Photo by: Buslifers Ambassadors, Vanlife Trip

In-Door Games

You’d be mad if you didn’t begin your Buslife trip without packing an activity box for the children. A few essential items are a necessity to keep them entertained on those long driving days. From travel games, to paint sets, coloring and activity books, to paper, crayons, and reading books.

These items will come in handy, especially for days when the children are feeling a little tired. Or for when there is limited things to do – such as when it’s raining outside or on those cold blustery evenings. This activity box will be your ultimate go-to. It is a great and easy way to keep the children consistently occupied.

Having activities to do inside the bus is a true trait of a Buslifer! They are resilient to change, hold strong creativity, and a powerful ability to have fun! So make sure to start this journey on the right foot.

It is important to note, however, that despite your bag of entertainment, some spontaneous fun is always required. You will reach a point where everyone gets bored of the amazing things packed. So, create some games to play together. This includes simple games, such as I-spy. For more activity ideas, please see our VW Bus with Kids suggestions here.


For those that aren’t adverse to digital technology, then bringing along an iPad, a lightweight laptop or netbook, or even a more old-school DVD player, will be the perfect option for a long day of driving. Especially when the kids need some time to chill out, rest, and recharge.

If you have some movies already downloaded and ready to hand, then this is an easy way to manage some time during a long driving day.

However, if you’re hoping to use your Buslife journey to encourage less screen time, then perhaps an audiobook or selected playlists are for you!

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Outdoor Activities

Some people would say you don’t need to pack toys or activities to keep the children entertained inside the bus. When you do have a moment to stop after a long driving day, then rather than relaxing and keeping the kids occupied, it is important to get up and get out there!

Buslife in its true form means that everyone in the family can spend more time together. They can get out into the outdoors and explore nature in the way it’s meant to be explored! This means doing things differently from what you’d do at home.

After a long driving day, unleashing the kids outside is a time to allow them to go a bit feral. You can give them the freedom they wouldn’t get at home.

You can also ensure you pack some outdoor activity games such as:

  • Frisbees
  • Soccer Balls
  • Bat and Balls

Such sporting equipment will also help to keep the kids happily entertained after a long day of driving.

With all that fresh air and running around, you’ll also find that they’ll sleep even better – perhaps even more so than they would do at home!

Play Time

After a long driving day and time spent being in the bus, children need time to relax and play. Don’t try and organize sightseeing activities for every day of your trip!

Your kids will enjoy the freedom that camping gives them, and will love the chance to make new friends and explore new campsites. That’s what the memories are made of!

In fact, if you allow time for the children to play and be kids after a long day of driving, you’ll find that they have more energy for the busy days. These are the times when you want them to be more engaged!

What is your top tip for keeping your kids entertained on the road? Let us know in the comments below!


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