Hey we are Carolina & Facundo

We met in high school; then each one of us went to complete our university degrees. We graduated as a photographer and technician in safety and hygiene and lifeguards. Our jobs were in photography of social events and as a blacksmith/welder in a workshop.

In 2014, we went to live together. Already in our minds, we wanted a bus to travel in. Then in 2016, we bought it, and that same summer we made a “test trip” for a month, 5500km -Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, and back to Argentina. We were ready!

After that, we decided that we wanted to live traveling. In 2018, we said goodbye to family and friends, left our jobs, and went to live in our little house on wheels. Almost three years after taking that difficult step, with fears and uncertainties we can tell you that we do not regret it one bit.

Our life mission is...

We go out to live in different parts of the world because we have a lot to discover, to learn, different cultures to know, and we think it is a unique and unrepeatable experience. Life must be taken advantage of and enjoyed to the fullest, whatever each one wants. Our goal and interest is to explore every little place on this earth while we can.

Our best Buslife advice

Depending on where we are, the activity we do is different. It is always good to know and walk the place, or have a few mates around in the afternoons. If we are on the beach, surfing is also a good option.

We try to choose the place where we are going to sleep in the daytime, to have a better view of where we are, and to choose if we like it. It gives us confidence and security.

Try to keep control of expenses and consumption, always being able to give us enjoyment but trying not to spend unnecessarily, so that the trip can be long-lasting. Always try to have a small fund for anything that happens or that may arise at an unexpected moment.

We sell our crafts/products in the town, place, or beach that we are. We open the doors of our bus, people always come to talk, we share stories and they collaborate with us to continue adding kilometers to this adventure.

Wow, as if we practically knew each other forever! It is very nice to meet and share with other travelers, a great community is generated by sharing meals, walks, talks, stoves, and even following a section of the trip together...

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