Hey I'm Matt

Born into the air-cooled lifestyle, originally from the SoCal class of 1977, I spent my childhood and early teens years growing up and living within the California culture. It instilled in me a pure passion for our beloved VW Bus.

This mindset and lifestyle have followed me as I was able to travel all throughout the US, visiting every state, moving countless times, living in 8 of the western states, and currently residing in Gunnison, Colorado. Over these years have been lucky to own a platitude of different buses, however for the last 5 years “Canyon” a 1978 late bay Tintop has been our passion and joy to travel around in.

My life mission is...

Simple, share the joy of the Buslife lifestyle through our VW Bus and the people we meet along the way.

My best Buslife advice

The people. I have met truly the best humans souls while traveling in our bus. Making new friends and creating someones first bus ride makes me smile. That's peace on earth right there.

Don't ever stop, there is always a way. If you own an air-cooled VW Bus your patience will be tested in unending manners. It's about the journey. It's always about the journey.

Just take your time, it's not a race.

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