Hey we are Alex & Sara!

We are in our early 20’s (23-22) and 8 months ago we drove past a decaying 1986 Volkswagen Reimo T3 up for sale; we couldn’t let such an opportunity slip away so we quickly got a hold of the number and immediately purchased it! It’s been in the works ever since!

Alex – “Hey! I’m a baker and have an immense passion for traveling and discovering little towns in the middle of nowhere, I prefer a paper map rather than Google maps as I enjoy getting lost and coming across small villages and weird places! I also have a passion for photography”.

Sara – “Hi there! I can’t wait to do the finishing touches on our VW Bus and start traveling all around Europe! I’m an interior designer and the road that led me to pursue this started from my art college where I enjoyed every lesson and piece of knowledge that came my way! I love art whether it is in the form of music, paintings, architecture, or anything else”.

Our life mission is...

I think we can both agree that our life mission is to enjoy life to the fullest, as sad as it is there is only one life and we must live it! No one knows if we will get a second chance at it. Though we own a 1986 T3 we are working hard to change the engine in it to be as environmentally friendly as possible, our diet is vegan and we try to consume as little plastic as possible to try to take some weight of off the earth that has been mistreated for too long. We love animals and traveling, working a job that boosts morale and can help me accomplish our dreams. As simple as it may seem we don't expect too much from life, we have learned from the past and want to do as much as possible to live a happy life amongst nature, we don't need too many possessions as they aren't the true source of happiness (not counting the T3.. that thing rocks!) (Please note the pictures that I have submitted do not include the finished product as it is being worked on).

Our best Buslife advice

By far the best destination we have traveled to has got to be Lake Braies, right by the Prags Dolomites in South Tyrol, Northern Italy. We had never been blown away by such a masterpiece of a scenery!

Tough question! I feel like everything we are putting in our bus is a must have!

1. Solar panel: no matter where you are a solar panel system is sustainable energy at no cost aside from installation!

2. A good kitchen: cooking for me is fairly important and I didn't want a simple kitchen for my bus so I had one made with ample space for a chopping board aswell as various bowls for marinading.

3. Steering wheel knob: when performing "interesting" manoeuvres the best item is the steering wheel knob.

The views and the comments you receive from people are astounding! But jokes apart, one major advantage has to be the fact that you can travel wherever you want without having to worry about where you are going to sleep/eat/live, the bus is your life, your kitchen and your bed aswell as your best friend! No more hotel fees! The fun is another point, it is such a fun and exciting experience. Personally I prefer using a paper map with a chance of getting lost somewhere and discovering new places, no motorways, only scenic routes!

I would have to say a disadvantage is if that you don't trust your bus 100% to not break down. You can expect something to go wrong somewhere and that can mean having to pay a mechanic to tow your bus and get the parts changed. Another point I have heard of is temperature during winter, Though this one isn't applicable to us as we went for a double insulated interior in order to not lose any heat. Many Buslife friends we have, have complained about cold mornings cold showers (unless you own an electric shower you can hook up).

I've joined as many Volkswagen T3 pages as possible from Reddit to Facebook to Instagram pages I follow. Through these groups I have had amazing feedback from helpful strangers with links to parts and suggestions as to what issue I may be having. I'll name the websites I use in order of purchases made there. Serial Kombi, Mecatechnic, Heritage Parts, EBay, and Vwbusshop.de.

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