Hey we are Jeff & Lisette!

We are living in The Netherlands. We bought our VW Bus more than 10 years ago and it is by far the best thing that ever bought! We always had the dream to own a VW Bus and we are still so happy we made the decision to buy one. We started traveling together with our dog and now we go on holidays and weekends with our 2 kids and even the dog still travels with us. Recently we expanded our bus with a roof tent for an extra bed and some more space.

Our life mission is...

Be happy and healthy and try to enjoy every moment.

Our best Buslife advice

Our road trip around Denmark and also our road trip around Bodensee were both amazing.

1. Something to make coffee and cappuccino, because we need that in the morning.

2. Blankets to keep us warm in the evening and simply because its cozy.

3. Our portable radio, to play music, sing, and dance everytime we want to!

We go for a walk to explore the surroundings, play a game with the family, or just read a book.

The freedom she gives us, just have everything you need with you, wherever you want to go or wherever she takes us.

Almost every year we have a 'new' road trip song that will be on replay and we will sing along everywhere we go. Even in the supermarket or other public places we go to!ˆ

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