Hey we are Aga & Wrzos

We come from Poland but we feel that our home is everywhere our VW Bus, Venera, is. Right now, we are not full-time Buslifers. Not yet. We feel more like overlanders, after every trip, no matter if it was a week or year long, we keep coming back to Poland.

During the last, 10 months-long journey, we sailed in the Great Lakes of Canada, traversed the lonely roads of the Yukon, admired the majesty of Denali in Alaska, watched magical sunsets at the California deserts, stayed at a geyser in orange Utah, ate freshly baked Navajo bread in Monument Valley, fed goats on a farm in Mexico and admired the wandering monarch butterflies. We climbed the Mayan pyramids in Guatemala and sneaked a peek at the Mennonites in Belize. Also, we drove through the Cordilleras, we walked among the American and Canadian Rocky Mountains trails, in Kluane parks on the Yukon, Kenai, and Denali parks in Alaska.

Now, we are in Poland preparing the bus for our next trip to the Middle East and more or less through the Silk Road to Vladivostok, Russia. Time will tell where we will go next.

Our life mission is...

We face ourselves, our weaknesses and bad habits, the hardships of traveling, living in a small space, but we also feel the taste of freedom and simple life.

Most of all, we meet wonderful people almost every day of our journey. We get to know their life stories and sometimes we can become a part of it. All the people we have met are the greatest value of our journeys. This is what we love about traveling.

Traveling for moments, people, and scents. We let ourselves be carried away by the moment, trust ourselves to people and follow a slightly different path than the one in tourist guides.

Our best Buslife advice

The main part of the budget are savings from the time between the trips. We work also on-line during trips (marketing, graphics, sales) but for few hours/week only.

The best destination so far was Yukon. We love the wilderness and out there is almost nothing more. Few small cities (Dawson city with sour toe cocktail), great mountains (Kluane NP) and really lonely roads (Top of the World Highway).

Mostly, we rely on the iOverlander/Park4night apps and accept invitations from VW and traveler communities or random people met on the road.

We love our bus. She is a part of the family. We love how reliable and invincible she is. A great travel partner. We love the way she attracts good people, giving us a chance to meet them and their stories. She is a free spirit that we strive to be as well.

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