Hey I'm Karren

My husband is called Mark and I have two Sons called George and Harry. We are the proud owners of Coco the T25 campervan. We brought him in 2017 to hopefully explore as many places as possible. Since then Coco has taken us to France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Brussels, Luxembourg, Austria, and lots of the UK.

Over the years have really enjoyed talking to other people who share the same interests. I love photography and take lots of photos of our travels. I have a real passion for VWs and anything vintage. Along with Coco, we have a VW T5 campervan, a 1972 beetle, and a Monza vintage caravan to add to my growing collection. 

My life mission is...

 To enjoy every moment of my life. Being on the road in Coco makes me smile, I aim to travel as much as possible and take in all the views, let the wind blow through my hair, take lots of photos to share with people who have the same passion – because to me Coco is more than just an old bus.

My best Buslife advice

Jump in and hit the open road, not knowing where to go, enjoying the views, finding some where we going to stay. Taking lots of photos. Nothing beats road trips in our little old bus (my house on wheels)...

We never plan where we are going to stay, we just jump in the bus and go! We always find somewhere and it's exciting to never know till we find somewhere. We are also known for popping up the roof on the side of the road, in Germany.

1. A portaloo. When you got to go, you got to go!

2. Plenty of lighting, it gets dark in Coco, and it nice to be able to see properly.

3. Lastly I'd say my little portable solar panel, it's great for a quick charge up of the leisure battery, phone, torch etc. And it tucks away nicely behind my driving seat!

Go for walks, sit by the fire, put the music on and yes we do sometimes use the TV if we get signal. We love it when our VW family come along on our camping trips to, talk about our previous trips (always good fun) ...

I don't have a favourite, once we're on the road we just dance and sing to anything!

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