Hey we are Diego & Roana

We left Brazil in January 2017 onboard our classic VW Bus from 1990. Since then, we have traveled 17 countries in the Americas and over 56 thousand kilometers traveled. Also, including our dog, Zed we are a family of 3.

Our life mission is...

We want to enjoy our life with wisdom, to be present body and soul in every moment lived.

Our best Buslife advice

All destinations are special. However, our favorite is the Argentine and Chilean Patagonia.

We work on the road from the first day of the trip, selling products and offering services.

What we like most is having the freedom to come and go wherever and whenever we want.

We like everything inside and out. Of course, because we made everything with our own hands.

We have been together for 12 years and it is great to live 24 hours a day in such a small space. Always, we get along really well.

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