Hey we are Jans & Vinz

We have managed to get a VW that had been standing still in a warehouse for 12 years up and running. Now we are unstoppable. We love to share our Buslife stories for people that dream about it, but don’t dare to start.

We knew nothing about oldtimers and it was hard sometimes, but now that our Stevie (because she is so lovely) Wonder is purring like a spoiled cat, we could not be happier. We find that the Buslife community is also very supportive.

Jans drives and Vinz navigates. So if you see a girl behind the wheels with long ruddy hair and next to her a guy with a pink trucker cap waving exuberantly, it’s us!

Our life mission is...

Sharing stories about traveling to not so obvious countries. Poland for instance is not very known as a Buslife country but we had an amazing time!

Our best Buslife advice

Go ahead and give it a try! Of course it is not always easy and there are always setbacks. But the freedom on the road really is priceless. When we bought our VW Bus we didn't know anything about it. But the feeling of intense victory now that all is running smoothly is the best. Oh, and make sure you have a shed before buying a VW BUS. It's busy nowadays and a shame to let it outside.

Driving an oldtimer running on diesel isn't good for the environment. But what is good is that we leave a place cleaner than when we arrive. We only use up 100 liters of water in a week with 2 adults and can last very long with one bottle of gas because we only use it for cooking. Also we don't spoil any food since we only buy what we eat from our small compressor fridge.

When you meet another VW Bus driver. You will always try to wave at each other and that makes me so happy. It's a very special feeling to share that few seconds of happiness together.

That is what we have the hammock for. One can chill in the bus and one can chill in the hammock.

Waving, honking, flashing the lights. The works!

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