Hey we are Jasmin & Lorenz

We are currently roaming around Europe in our 1987 Volkswagen T3. We started our journey in New Zealand and met Rupert, our T3 high-top, and instantly fell in love with him. Blinded by our love and pure joy of driving the bus we decided to ship him to the USA and continue our travels there. We finally shipped him back to Germany and restored him back to his former glory! One might say he is even better than new. Now we are finally exploring our home continent Europe and we are so excited to share this beautiful experience with you.

Our life mission is...

Our mission is to enjoy nature, culture, and social interactions out of our bus. It is just great to always have your own home with you, somehow you are always in and outside your own comfort zone. We also want to show how it's possible for everybody to travel in your bus full-time and make all kinds of memories.

Our best Buslife advice

Most of the time we drive with our windows opened. so we always wave at the others and give them a big peace sign!

Definitely freedom. Being free to explore all kinds of places with your own home right there with you. In addition, it's always nice to meet fellow travelers and exchange exciting stories.

We can't really decide between the New Zealand South Island and all the crossings in the USA...

Communication is key for us and because of living in such a tiny space we sometimes feel like an old married couple. Living on the road we have overcome so many beautiful and bad things, which have really brought us together.

We always leave no trace. When we shower outside in nature, we use biodegradable soap. If we find completely trashed spots we try to clean up as much as we can.

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