Hey we are Gabo, Naty, Teo & Lua

Our VW Bus has been with us for 7 years now. We bought it when my daughter was born for the simple pleasure of having a VW Bus. Eventually, she became our pampered one, but we never had the money to fix the coach and the chassis. They were very damaged. But we love it very much.

We transported all the materials that today form our home: woods, veneers, cement, bathrooms, electricity, and much more. Also, we used it for many household relocations for us and for others. We even used it to take our children and their classmates to school for a year.

When things got ugly in Argentina we decided to put her together to take off and travel. During the trip, we added many things that were necessary that we could live as comfortably as possible since we are 4 people. We have fixed it several times and we will go ahead despite the breakdowns, which are part of this traveling life!

Our life mission is...

We travel to enjoy the new landscapes that we get to know. However, the most important reason is that we can learn from the different communities that populate our continent. This gives our children insights which the school will never show them. Like to have critical thinking about the different American people and to understand why we are and who we are.

Our best Buslife advice

Her image is all scruffy and painted with the love of everyone who intervened, her endurance, her slow movement, that landscape speed that she gives us, her simplicity… All!! We love her still old and scruffy.

What we always tell people who dream of buying a VW Bus is: You are not buying just a car, you are also buying the “membership” of a large community of people who help each other, no matter where you are in the world. In every country, you find mechanics dedicated exclusively to VW’s. They have always welcomed us with open arms.

At this very moment, I am writing this from the garage of Cupido Motorizado, a repair shop dedicated to these beautiful vehicles. Today we came back for the third time just to say hello because we are already very close friends of this beautiful family, who has helped us a lot. They gave us a place to stay while our VW Bus was getting fixed. We have shared many lunches, dinners, trips around the city, and many good conversations. All because of the passion that binds us together.

Having a VW Bus is eye-catching to others and people empathize very quickly and very well with it. It creates a certain sense of friendship. For example, they take a lot of pictures of us along the way. That helps us a lot when we stop to sell our crafts.

We can’t mention just one, it’s impossible. However, I can tell you that climbing the Parón Lagoon in Peru was a super challenge. Which has had its good reward with the impressive place, where our fat girl took us (the VW Bus, we call her our fat girl). Having traveled half a continent, it is South America itself, with its incredible and dissimilar landscapes that is the destination which we have liked the most.

Don’t think too much, let it go, your way will bring you everything you need when the time is right. Patience.

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