Hey we are Eliana & Lucas

All aboard our mobile home, an ’84 Volkswagen kombi that we call “La Ventura”. From Argentina to the highways of America, we’re planning to get to Alaska!

We left Mar del Plata on 2/6/2019, a Sunday morning surrounded by a lot of love and an incredible sun. The maté was ready, music playing, a map with no destination, a lot of adrenaline, and dreams to fulfill.

We are in search of adventures, experiences, learnings, experiences, knowledge, awakenings, whatever the path presents us with. We take photography, graphic design, and illustration in a walking fair (The Kombi Fair) and this allows us to sustain this trip, reach many people, and live from what we just do.

Why did we decide to go on an adventure? Well, to live a simpler life and walk lighter. To know ourselves, know our abilities, our fears to overcome, and value what surrounds us. Today we are in Ecuador going through a global pandemic, reinventing ourselves all the time and waiting to go out and shoot again. “He who resists fulfills his dreams,” they say… and there we always go forward…

Our life mission is...

To live intensely, make sure that each day is a new adventure and a new challenge. We will stay out of the daily routine of a conventional life like the one we led before going out to explore the roads of America, its landscapes, and its people.

To know the different cultures, live and learn from the land, respect nature by sharing with it, explore the big cities. Observe the world without haste. We want to see and feel everything. The most interesting thing is to learn, share these learnings with the community, take advantage of our time, so relative but so valuable with what really does us good.

Our best Buslife advice

Getting to Santa Teresa in Peru, by bus, to get to Machu Picchu, was quite a journey.

"Into the wild " by Krakauer, an inspiring book for any traveler seeking adventure and encountering nature. Also, "My friend the CHE" by Ricardo Rojo, a book that tells the traveling experience of Ernesto Guevara traveling through Latin America from Buenos Aires to Mexico, living with the social injustices of the continent until he became the heroic guerrilla in Cuba, and later find death on Mount Boliviano. Finally, "The open veins of Latin America" by Eduardo Galeano, a book that also tells the socio-political injustices that have been experienced in Latin America for 500 years.

El Viento by Manu Chao

We lost the fear of driving on "dangerous" roads, such as dirt or stone roads with chasms that ended in deep and mighty rivers. Another fear that was overcome was sleeping inside the bus in various places such as on the side of the road in some small town lost in the middle of nowhere as well as in mountains or forests, beaches, and isolated lakes. Also, losing the fear of unknown people and finally losing the fear or generating a travel livelihood to continue being on the road.

To have the freedom to move your mobile home whenever and wherever you want. Knowing new places and people all the time, the fact of having a VW Bus is a reason for approaching friendly people. Live in community.

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