Hey we are Sabri, Manu & Josefina

We are from Rafaela, a small town in Argentina. We went on a trip with our VW Bus in April 2016, from Argentina to Alaska and then back (a bit driving and the rest by ferry). The trip took us about 3 years and we got back to Argentina to have our baby Josefina.

She was born in July 2019, so we found ourselves eager to modify our little house on wheels to start a new adventure. We wanted to start a new trip with her but the pandemic changed our plans a couple of times. We decided to move to a different province so we’re now surrounded by mountains and rivers in a beautiful valley in Cordoba, Argentina. We’re still fixing the bus and modifying it for a new adventure.

Our life mission is...

Traveling in the VW Bus we discover a new way of life, without so many bonds, without so many restrictions. We got to share lovely memories with other cultures so that is something that nobody can teach you.

We want to show this kind of life to our daughter so she can see what the world really is and how much she (and of course, us) can learn from it.

Our best Buslife advice

We can not mention a favorite destination, but we can say that Mexico fascinated us, it is a very diverse country in terms of nature and culture. We were almost 7 months there and we have still many states to go.

Equally all countries have those places that one falls in love with. Like the parks of Banff and Jasper in Canada, the coffee region in Colombia, the national parks in Costa Rica.

Buslife allows you to grow in the world and not just limited within your city. With its pros and cons, it is a lifestyle that opens your mind definitively and you start to see things from a new perspective.

Do it now! The right time will never come, the bus will never be completely finished, you will never finish "camperizing" it. When you leave, you realize that the journey is movement and that everything keeps flowing, and that all the problems will be solved. The bus will be in continuous modification because you start adding and modifying things once you live in the bus.

We used a lot the App IOverlander, but you can get advice from other travelers and asking locals.

We both work online so that was a plus to start the trip! But the truth is that the slower you travel the less money you need.

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