Hey I'm Leni

My partner, Marco, and I on tour with our old VW Bus. My childhood dream came true in 2018 when I saw my absolute dream bus standing in front of me. I wanted this bus to give him a new soul.

In 2020, we converted the bus ourselves. Is one ever finished with it? We don’t care, we have a lot of fun building the bus ourselves. For us, every bus trip is an adventure. We love to drive and love to be on the road as a couple. Especially, we love the freedom and independence.

If we like where we stay, so we stay. Yet, if we do not like it then we move on. Without the bus, we would never have seen and experienced so much and would not do it in the future. Our travel style has changed completely. We are more than happy with this decision and would never want to miss it again.

My life mission is...

Owning lots of cars and countless great trips with my VW Bus.

My best Buslife advice

Our first trip was to Switzerland. So, for one week we drove through the Swiss mountains. It is very close to us, in one hour we are in Switzerland, but we had never been there before. It is an absolute recommendation, we will certainly go a few more times. You feel like you are on another planet when you drive over mountain passes and witness its majestic nature.

A hammock that you can chill with anywhere you want, beer for a cool change, and fairy lights/candles for a mystical atmosphere.

I either go out together with my partner and enjoy the evening in a city with a cool drink or when we park in nature, we play board or card games, read books, or just listen to music.

Always take an expert when you are searching for a VW Bus. Especially an expert who has or had such a bus himself. We were incredibly lucky with our bus, it is almost completely rust-free. Always remember that an engine can be easily replaced, but the bodywork will eventually rot.

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