Hey we are Juanma & Lara

We are a couple with 2 children who started traveling through Spain and Europe in a car. One day we had the opportunity to buy a VW Bus and we decided to restore it and convert it into a camper to continue traveling.

The bodywork had already been restored so we got down to work with the rest of the mechanics, a new engine, and the whole interior. Now we are testing it all over the island, which has some spectacular corners. Little by little, we will extend the trips to the other islands, Spain, Europe, and the rest of the world.

It is a vehicle that does not go unnoticed anywhere, leaving everyone with a smile on their face. We are very excited about this new stage of our lives and we are eager to share it with you!

Our life mission is...

To travel slowly in our bus and discover the medieval towns and castles that do not appear on the maps and lose ourselves in the landscapes that seem out of fairy tales.

Our best Buslife advice

1. Quimical WC, I don't think this needs an explanation.

2. Fridge, something fresh always feels good.

3. A good chair, to enjoy the scenery while having a cool drink.

It is a unique experience that strengthens the family bond and generates memories for a lifetime. It is also the best way to keep children away from smartphones and interact with the rest of society!

These three websites: https://www.serial-kombi.com/es-ES, https://www.mecatechnic.com/es-ES/piezas-vw-combi-split, and https://www.lulukabaraka.com/default.aspx

The flexibility of not having to plan all stops and hotels before you start. If you like a place and you want to stay longer, you do it.

The freedom to be alone in places with incredible views and sleep looking at the stars.

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