Hey we are Milene & Yuri

We’re from Den Haag, The Netherlands. A photographer and engineer now taking our time to drive the ancient Silk Road to China in our VW Bus, Alexine. The bus is from 1976 and she has been our ride for about 6 years now. She’s been painted anew in the summer of 2020 and got a new interior at the beginning of 2021.

We left The Hague in March 2021 to drive to China with the bus. An adventurous journey during the pandemic but a unique one. On our Instagram and website, we share all we go through. The wonderful, the crazy and also the bus problems we face.

Other than that; we like sports, watching movies and series, hiking, cycling, exploring cities, sunshine, and coffee. We don’t really like crowds or mass tourism, cooking outside when it’s -4 degrees Celcius, or people leaving more than footprints in places. However, we do love good wine, delicious food, and getting to know different cultures. That’s why we often travel off the beaten track to places like Siberia, Papua New Guinea, and Tristan da Cunha. But of course, we also enjoy Venice, South Africa, and New York.

Our life mission is...

To chase our dreams and live in freedom.

Our best Buslife advice

1. Coffee! I don't think I have to tell you why.

2. We are very very happy with our solar panels and 220v converter! It makes it so easy to charge things and it actually saved us when our engine didn't charge our battery anymore.

3. Our coolbox. Very handy and needed to keep the beers cool.

No need to manage. Up to now it goes very smoothly. We give each other space when we need it and enjoy spending a lot of time together.

We are now on our way to China so many great destinations to explore but up to now we really had an amazing time in Scotland, the nature there is just incredible.

We use the app "park4night" and when we see a good spot we just park. Especially in COVID times it's easy to park somewhere.

The Hobbit! It's the ultimate travel book for me. But books of Ryszard Kapuscinski are great as well. And of course Herodotos!

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