Hey I'm Nadia

I’m a 27-year-old woman farmer during the day, but always seeking an adventure on my hours off. Growing up on a farm, allowed me to be handy around tools and mechanics. This comes in handy when you own a ’75 VW Bus! I bought my bus in 2019, and after 1 week of owning her, I already went on my first big trip.

In 2020, I had started the long process of restoring her before she got too rusty, and I am bringing the bus back to its original colors. I am now in the final stages of restoration and hope to have her back on the road in the spring. And be able to go on many adventures this summer! 

My life mission is...

To visit as many countries in the world as possible, and hoping to travel across Canada with my VW Bus one day. 

My best Buslife advice

Cip1, Concept 1, Local VW guys.

Gaspesie National Park, Quebec. It was very hilly, but my VW had no problems at all! And it helped that most roads had 2 lanes, so those quicker cars could pass.

The smiles and conversations I get from people, whenever they see my VW Bus.

How much time do I have? Will my VW make it there? Are there lots of options for camping?

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