Hey we are Alejandra, Gustavo and Ta­yat

We used to travel by bike. Actually, that’s how we met. After noticing my pregnancy we decided to buy a VW Bus and live there because we thought it would be easier. During our baby’s birth, we stopped for a bit. Now he is three months old, so we will continue soon going South of Mexico.

We are artisans so we move slow creating and selling different handmade items like jewelry, chocolate, bread, kefir, shampoo bars, and everything we have the chance on the road.

When we are on the road we like to visit eco-friendly farms and communities because we think it’s nice to support these projects and learn from them. We wanted to go slowly to Paraguay but with the covid situation, we decided to go with the flow.

Our life mission is...

To enjoy with our little boy a different way of living by going to places where people care a bit more about the environment.

Our best Buslife advice

You can bring everything you need with you easily and you can stay almost snywhere you like.

A Nice kitchen is important to cook our meals, also is way cheaper. A big comfy bed. Good rest makes the difference. We made the bed as big as we could so we three can sleep together. Also, a closet to be able to organize everything.

Go slow and pay attention to your child's rhythm. You will discover it's also good for your VW Bus to make some stops for eating and exploring.

We look on the map, we ask the locals, and follow our instinct.

Be ready to be well organized in a small space!

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