Hey we are Carolina & Facundo

We are Argentinos traveling the American continent from Patagonia, Argentina to Alaska aboard our 1982 VW Odyssey. We started our journey on April 22, 2018, but our journey began much earlier, from the moment in which the idea sparked. In 2015, we bought our bus with great effort, and it took us two years to turn it into our little house on wheels. We started our trip from the Argentine South, then we crossed to Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Panama. To cross to Panama we sent the kombi in a container, by sea, since there is no road.

After discovering Panama, we crossed to Costa Rica, where we’ve lived for a full year since the COVID pandemic trapped us. A few weeks ago we were able to continue traveling. We are currently in Nicaragua, with many expectations and a desire to continue with our Buslife!

Our life mission is...

We are nomadic souls who love the sea and nature, we live simply, we travel the continent in our little house on wheels that we built to live feeling freer! Our mission in life is to learn from each experience that the road presents us and to try to be the best version of ourselves! Also, to be more respectful of nature and the environment that surrounds us. To be able to show those who do not dare, that the world is full of possibilities where everyone can be and do what they like best.

Our best Buslife advice

The biggest advantage of Buslife is that it gives you the possibility to change landscapes as often as you want! You can reach the places that very few have reached, hidden paradises.

Another advantage is the huge community of Buslifers, with whom we share many experiences, anecdotes, and travel tips. Nationalities do not matter, We are a large nomad family that shares the pleasure of traveling!

We are very active travelers, lovers of the sea, and outdoor activities. During the day we really like to practise surfing or freediving. Also, go for a run or take a walk. We enjoy the quieter moments reading a good book, playing an instrument by the light of a campfire, or even watching a nice movie!

Every time we get to a new place, we collect the debris that is scattered on the ground. Sometimes we collect garbage from the beaches, outside and in the sea when we go diving. We separate waste and return organic waste to nature. We try to avoid the consumption of plastic and industrialized food. We practice underwater fishing, which is the most selective and ecological fishing art, it does not leave waste or generate environmental impact.

Our preference when choosing the next destination is contact with the Sea, the closer, the better! Usually, we consult with other travelers who have previously passed through the places and ask local people for recommendations. Otherwise, we use applications such as iOverlander, Maps.me, and others. These indicate the state of the roads, different spots, the safety of the site, and also the swell entrance to surf. Also, if the destination interests us we go to the mountains or the jungle, but our preference is the beach.

To those who aspire to lead a Buslife, we encourage them to take courage, to put into motion that dream that we often postpone out of fear. Before leaving it is normal to be full of fears and doubts, but the path is the best advisor, the one who gives you the tools, and answers you need. As we always say, when nothing is certain, everything is possible. There is a whole world full of adventure waiting for you and a great Buslife community to accompany you!

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