Hey we are Doud & Chips!

Hello! We’re Edouard (34) & Claire (31). We’re French and we love discovering cultures, wildlife, and landscapes! Two and a half years ago we left everything to travel the world with our 1979 Riviera T2.

We crossed Southern Europe from Marseille to Athens, then we spent time discovering Turkey. We shipped the bus from Istanbul to Bombay, and we spent five months between North India and Nepal.

After some pandemic troubles, we stopped the planned trip, and we shipped the Riviera to France. Then we bought a 1974 Alzaga T2 in Mexico and we’re currently driving in Central America!

Our life mission is...

Be happy! Traveling with respect for the planet and other cultures. Build nice memories and live the best adventure of our lives!

Our best Buslife advice

Freedom! We can go almost anywhere we want (except islands), when we want. We always have what we need with us (swim suits, k-way, trekking shoes, fresh beers). Slow traveling is a way to discover more in a country.

1. Petrol double stove (Coleman) with accessories (oven and toaster).

2. A folding barbeque.

3. USB fans.

Preparing the next traveling day, playing with the pictures of the day, reading, writing in our journals, drawing, housekeeping, maintenance of the bus, gaming, and social media.

In the bathroom we only use responsible products (soap, shampoo, and sodium bicarbonate as deodorant). We use no single-use plastic! Instead we use purified water, zero-waste bags, vegetables bags, and reusable cups for take away. When we leave a place we are always cleaning our spots and the sea, and definitely not using plastic straws. Also generally using less water, cooking for ourselves, driving slow, fixing everything we can, buying less, and sticking to high quality, long-lasting clothes.

Some apps are nice, like iOverlander and park4night. But when we have time we prefer to find our own spot. Searching on Google earth, going to check, and speaking with locals helps. Above all we always try to find a spot before the night sets in, it's always much easier and less stressful.

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