Hey I'm Paul

I’m 23 years old. My hometown is the beautiful city of Graz in the east of Austria. That’s where I currently live and study. After university, I am going to be a teacher for history and computer science. A few years ago I also started to be a Scout leader. I love to travel, not only with my T2 but also by train or plane.

Sadly, due to Covid-19, I was not able to travel around in this past year. However, I have big plans for the coming summer. Meanwhile, I use my free time to improve the  VW Bus further, with the help of my roommate and good friend Steve.

My life mission is...

To live life to the fullest and use my time on this planet to travel near and far. I want to experience different cultures, meet new people, and hopefully inspire my students to one day enjoy their life as much as I do.

My best Buslife advice

I have the privilege that my second cousin owns a workshop for VW classic cars just an hour away from my home. There I get not only my parts, but also help when it comes to fix bigger problems.

My favorite destination so far has been Montenegro. In 2016, I visited after my final highschool exams. Back in those days Montenegro wasn't as popular as it is today. I went there with three friends of mine, which also added to the enjoyment. Contrarry to Croatia we barely met people from Austria and had a lot of fun in this beautiful country.

1. The most important item would be zipties. Back in 2017, I had to fix the fuel line just with zipties and creativity in the Albanian backcountry.

2. Spare motor oil is also a must-have, because as most classic cars, my bus loses some oil over time, especially on long trips.

3. Another must-have item would be good music. On longer trips you will spend much time in the bus because it doesn't drive fast. Music definitely helps here.

The response you get from other people. Whenever I drive around in my yellow T2, people smile or wave at me. Also on every camping spot or even parking spot people come to me and talk, so you meet many new people and automatically have a conversation topic.

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