Hey I'm Steve

The Bus name is Phoenix, a 1978 VW T2 Bus – just one year younger than me. Originally Phoenix was used as a swiss army radio bus. I am a passionate transformation coach (personal trainer, athletic trainer, hypnotherapist) and I like to bring out the best in people.

In the beginning, I was still on the road with the bus, a transporter, totally spartan. I built a simple bed into it and lived out of boxes. So we traveled together to Italy, Germany, France, and Switzerland.

Above all Phoenix accompanied me to my triathlon competitions. My big dream since our first meeting was that I would do a complete rebuild and create a fully furnished little bijoux. I waited a long time until I really made it happen. So in spring 2019, a big project started: the reconstruction according to my dreams…

My life mission is...

As a transformation coach, I have been able to accompany many a change. So it could well be that we are on our way somewhere to have a hypnosis session with a client in a beautiful place and I’m running a trail over the mountains afterward. Or we could spend the night somewhere at a lake before I give personal training in the morning at the same place and then goes back to my studio where I receive more clients. I do also online coaching and of course, Phoenix still accompanies me to competitions.

My best Buslife advice

When we rebuilt Phoenix, we mainly used scrap wood. I make sure that I can use things several times if possible. For example, a part of the emergency bed can be converted into an outdoor table. When I arrive at a spot, I first collect the rubbish that is lying around and I always leave the spots as I find them or even cleaner.

The most important thing about Phoenix is the pop-up roof. Since I already tried a bus without this sleeping facility, I appreciate it even more. It's great to be somewhere in nature in summer with the windows open and to watch the sunrise from the bed in the morning. Or to wake up and look out into the mountains, the lake, or the sea... wonderful!

I love being in the mountains in Switzerland. But I'm looking forward to the next steps, like west coast France, Sardinia, and Croatia. The north also attracts me more and more. Northern Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway...

When I'm on the road with my Phoenix, I don't need any more entertainment in the evening. Then I just look forward to going to bed. I'm sure I'll enjoy nature a bit beforehand and look at the mountains or the lake...

I prefer to drive to some secret tips from friends or I first look on Google Maps where there might be a nice place. When I drive to the place, I go completely by feel - is it right for me here or rather not. The spots should be quiet and somewhere in nature. Of course, there are also beautiful camping places. I can check them out on the web beforehand. I haven't relied on the apps with parking places for a long time!

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