Hey we are Selina & Humberto

We are from Italy and Venezuela, but we coincided in Bolivia traveling in different ways. There a common decision to travel led us to look for our Volkswagen. After a year of work and savings, we started our trip. The destination was a bit uncertain since we take it as a way of life. There is no need to have a goal, we believe that we will always be on the move with our VW Bus.

Our most beloved pet, Tobby, joined the trip from Chile. He decided to travel with us and never take off, so we are a team of 3 in the kombi. Living traveling is more than tourism and it is much more than going on vacation. You face daily challenges such as coexistence, to uncertainty, but that makes you learn from the environment that you get to know in each place.

Our life mission is...

We want to create natural awareness through our trip and our networks. It is not about a simple life inside a kombi, also the fact of the consumption of chemicals and plastic that we have on our routes, as travelers we are the first to take care and be aware, and above all make it understood by the people who approach us. Also creating impressive audiovisual content on sustainability in travel.

Our best Buslife advice

Each country marked us in different ways, but the most memorable route for us was the Argentine NOA, but not the one that everyone knows. By chance we came across a not very touristy route at the national level, where only 4x4 cars can go. Every day it traveled barely a car, some mining companies that are deep inside, where the landscapes are barely untouched by commercial tourism, at more than 5 thousand meters high our VW Bus crossed salt flats and deserts little known.

Priorities, the word that best suits us. We use what we need, our only dependencies are the materials with which we work along the way and that makes us gather to be able to continue calmly. We use all the free Wi-Fi that we can find or take advantage of the moments where we are invited to a house to connect and work a little while we share different moments.

The most important thing on our trip was to change our thoughts, consumption, and the natural quality of everything we consume and really need. We managed to reduce the use of plastics and chemicals in our way of living, it is simply something of conscience that leads us to want to take care of our environment. Our idea is to be as sustainable as possible, without polluting the places where we go.

We started the trip with some ideas about where we wanted to go, but we realized that it is impossible to follow a protocol. At one point we thought we would take a tour of all of America in 3 years. Even at that time, we are touring all of South America and we do not decide where to go we just let ourselves go.

We always try to arrive before the summer seasons in a place where we can work what we can. We're both in the audiovisual sector with photography and video. With our advanced natural cosmetics courses, now we also have everything online, we work digitally selling Our photographs and cosmetic courses online. We are very bad at selling handicrafts in the streets, we have tried everything, we worked a couple of months in fixed places and we sold on the street but we feel more comfortable doing what we like the most.

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