Hey I'm Dave!

My daughter Sophie (6) and I enjoy camping, kayaking, exploring, and learning about the world around us. We venture as much and as often as possible in “Peggy” our 1976 Volkswagen Westfalia. She’s old, slow, and a bit rough around the edges, but she’s as solid as a rock and the best way to get out and see the world around us! We can only live Buslife part-time because of work and school, but we enjoy every minute and every mile of it!

My life mission is...

Wonder, wander, repeat!

My best Buslife advice

Crystal river, Florida. Kayak with the manatees!

Don't stress! Even the bumps in the road will become memories.

Having a campfire, singing, and playing guitar.

Freedom! The smiles on our faces and the smiles buses bring everywhere we go - it's such a great feeling!

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