Hey I'm Wilfredo

I am from Santa Tecla, a city in El Salvador. From a very young age, I had a passion for VW Buses, I collected memorabilia and always asked for them for Christmas and my birthday. When I had the opportunity to own my own car, I definitely chose to own a VW Bus.

From that moment I fell in love with my VW and named it Dolphi because it is turquoise in color and because I am a fan of the Miami Dolphins of the NFL. Over time I met many VW Bus lovers and they became my friends.

Then I was awakened by the idea of having my own page on Instagram, where I could take pictures of my Dolphi and other VWs of friends and people I know. Together with my friends David Galdamez and July Hernandez, we turned Kombi Trip into a Club, in which we would invite our friends and thus be able to live with them and go out to see places throughout El Salvador.

My life mission is...

Our mission as a club is to grow our community of VW Bus lovers and to be able to travel throughout Central America with our buses. So that all over the world they know the beautiful places that El Salvador and this entire continent has.

My best Buslife advice

Suchitoto. It is a small town located north of San Salvador (capital of El Salvador). It is an excellent place to go on a weekend, which is not far from the capital (40 minutes). You can get to know the town, which is very picturesque and you can visit Lake Suchitlan where you can eat on the shore and camp.

At Wauto and Continental Autoparts on Avenida 29 in San Salvador.

We all maintain our VWs and finance our trips with our day jobs.

Most importantly, have a mechanic familiar with Aircooled engines check the engine. Because it is what generates the most expenses. It is also important to verify that the Chassis and engine numbers match those on the circulation card.

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