Hey we are Gaël & Leslie!

We are a family of 4. My wife, myself, one 12 years old guy, Marveen, and 1 year old baby girl, Marley. We live in Marseille, in the south of France.

Leslie and I are working in sales service. She used to travel in USA for her job, and I am “traveling” the south of France to meet my teams and make sure everything is fine. We are dealing with a daily “100kmh”. We are always running like a donkey, to the left, to the right for kids, for job. Shared between our loving families and good friends, as soon as possible we take our bag pack for a weekend, either closed to our house, or make use for low cost flying ticket in Europe.

Our life mission is...

We used to travel for work in different countries, today we plan to travel by taking time with our kids. To make them discover the simple life and the essential things of it. And for that one week ago we adopted our VW Bus, Harvey.

Our best Buslife advice

We really liked Cambodia, and the cool behaviour of Asian people, but we also enjoyed South Africa, and in particular the different park and landscapes.

Pretty cool, I'm so used to spending most of time of my work time in the car driving to meet my customers. So at Harvey's wheel I will take it easy!!

1. A Swiss knife is useful in all situations.

2. A hammock. Set up between two trees for the resting.

3. According to my wife, good music is essential because in each situation there is a sound made for it.

On the road (Sur la route) - Jack Kerouac Because I never was able to start it! Now I might be able to!

Taking time. Carpe diem. Taking it easy discovering. No problems. Family. Share. Love. Creating memories nature.

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