Hey we are Yurena & Philipp

We are a young couple from Germany who are currently living in the Canary Islands with our VW Bus, Reinhold. In a few months, we’ll be setting off again to hopefully travel through Portugal, Spain, and France to return to Germany. Seriously, we love traveling with the VW Bus as it allows us to stay in the most beautiful places and gives us maximum flexibility. We love the charm of old cars, and the T3 has the perfect mix of modern equipment and comfort for us. Our Reinhold has already become a real family member for us. So far, we have hardly had any technical problems with him and we can repair and mend a lot ourselves. We especially love that because we can learn a lot about mechanics that way.

Our life mission is...

We are currently traveling with our VW bus in Tenerife. We expect to return to Germany in May 2021... Our mission at the moment is our upcoming bus trip, showing how you can be happy with less and make yourself comfortable even in the smallest of spaces.

Our best Buslife advice

Although our VW Bus consumes a lot of fuel, you can live sustainably as a Buslifer. You live self-sufficiently, consume little, and pay more attention to water consumption and waste than at home. We also have a water filter so we don't have to buy plastic bottles and we separate our rubbish. In Spain, there are good options for separate waste disposal along the roads. We also use environmentally friendly shampoo and dishwashing liquid (homemade).

The most beautiful thing about our Reinhold is that it looks a bit like an old opi. The velvet curtains on the windows, the patterned upholstery fabric, the cockpit. It is essential that this remains the case.

The lack of space. Here it benefits you to simply take as little as possible with you and to make the division in the bus as space-saving as possible. You also have to get used to the fact that everything is a bit more tedious. Where can I go to the toilet and wash?

So far, we have really enjoyed Spain. There are many different landscapes and you almost feel like you're on a world tour. Sometimes you feel like you're in the Wild West, sometimes like you're in the Caribbean and sometimes like you're in the Andes of South America. There are also many Park4Night pitches.

A VW bus is always a good investment. It’s not just a car, it’s a way of life. Also, it’s best to just get on with it. The most adventurous thing is to camp wild. There are great apps to help you find the best places.

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