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How the Buslifers Network began

The Buslifers Network was first started in 2018. In this article you will find out about how and why it started.

Most vehicles merely offer a practical transportation solution, but some truly symbolize a way of life. The VW Bus is a perfect example; an encapsulation of the magic of adventure and the traveling community. It can be to travel in luxury, but in our humble opinion, you’ll never get the complete traveling experience without a VW Bus.

Traveling in a VW Bus means having the freedom to explore the world at your own pace and in a more intimate way. It allows you to connect with people from other cultures. That’s why we have a passion for VW Buses.

Our story

Our journey started like that of many VW Bus enthusiasts. Back in 2003, we unknowingly ignited a hidden passion when we bought a white 1971 Bay window Bus. This wasn’t your average Bus; it had all the necessary bells and whistles for traveling, including the pop-up roof. It was in great shape for its age.

We would spend the following years taking Westy, our trusty white steed, on trips all over Europe. Little did we know, the exploring and traveling were only a small part of what the Buslife had to offer.

Through our travels, we met a worldwide community of incredible people with like, open minds, and we had the opportunity to learn a lot about life. It seemed that no matter where we traveled, from the Iberian Peninsula all the way to Scandinavia, there were others just like us. People who loved their VW Bus.

This tight-knit community of VW Bus owners gave us a sense of community no matter where we traveled. In our disconnected world this is a feat that’s hard to accomplish much of the time. Whether we were cruising down the Autobahn or stopping at a scenic campground or rest area, there seemed to be no shortage of fellow VW Bus drivers who were willing to greet us with a friendly nod and smile.

The VW Bus community

These experiences went on for years until we had met hundreds and hundreds of fellow VW Bus enthusiasts. During this time we realized we were a part of something special. It became clear that VW Bus enthusiasts were more than a group of people who liked the way a vehicle looked. They were people who were passionate about the culture that surrounds the VW Bus, including the close sense of community.

Being a part of the VW Bus enthusiast community means more than simply owning a VW Bus; it means treating the Earth and everybody on it with respect and dignity. VW Bus enthusiasts have a feeling of joy that you can only get from being a part of a massive community that accepts people of all different creeds as long as they are good people.

This is why the VW Bus community spans across all audiences. From teens who want to get away from the city and experience the world to older folks who want to reclaim a piece of nostalgia from their past.

Starting The Buslifers Network

Being a member of the VW Bus community became truly important for us. We knew we had to do something to share our passion with the world. VW Bus enthusiasts already do a great job of connecting with each other during their travels. Yet, we wanted to create another avenue for these people to share their passion and their travels with people from around the world.

This is why we decided to create The Buslifers Network.

The Buslifers Network is a community for VW Bus enthusiasts to connect with other VW Bus owners and enthusiasts through photos and stories. We share everything from personal stories about great travels to tried and true tips on travel destinations and making life on the road a little bit easier.

The goal is that every VW Bus enthusiast feels like a valued, included member of the VW Bus community and has all the necessary resources to travel the right way.

A big part of our mission is to inspire you to get out there and explore parts of the world you haven’t seen before. We don’t expect it to be too difficult to inspire a bunch of VW Bus connoisseurs to travel!

At Buslifers, we would love for you to be a part of our community of Bus lovers. Want to share your traveling pictures, tips, and experiences with other Buslifers? Or maybe, pick up some tips and inspiration for your own travels? Well, you are a welcomed member of The Buslifers Network. Feel free to drop in anytime!

Want to find out more about who we are? Explore our story and meet the team behind The Buslifers Network here.

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