VW Bus Events & Why You Need to Attend Them

Have you ever participated in any VW Bus events?

We are Selene and Humberto from Sentidos Humanos. For three years we have been living and traveling in a VW Bus and participating in the VW Bus events has always been a special occasion throughout the trip.

As we began this journey without a return date, we definitely did not imagine that choosing a VW Bus would have meant encountering an authentic and enduring parallel world of people, events, and surprises. Surrounding these wonderful timeless mechanical critters are enthusiasts, collectors, other travelers, travel fanatics, or just curious people who come to understand and ask about a nomadic, itinerant, and alternative lifestyle. Groups spread over so many countries and their different regions, want to know one of the most important means of transport. It is so iconic and legendary.

4° Encuentro de Villa Maria – Cordoba, Argentina

Are we exaggerating?

Perhaps, or perhaps instead we will witness hidden magic behind these mobile cans with magnetic eyes that always catch a smile, a hand, a chat and yes, indisputably a peek inside.

In the streets of any city, the VW Bus provides us with daily human contact. Imagine what it is like a VW Bus event is created, organized, and marked in the calendar! A multitude of VW Buses, each one with its colors, personality, history, and process to tell. Each with an owner or two with thousands of dreams to realize.

Our first meet-ups were in Bolivia. These comprised of informal appointments and meetings between friends who are barely acquainted. We shared mechanical advice and logistical support that, less than 2 months after our departure, encouraged us a lot. Those that followed later, between Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, were presented to us more as special VW Bus events. They have organizing teams, stands, activities, sponsors, expected parades through the people, and support from some municipalities.

Each VW Bus event has a different soul and is celebrated and organized differently.

There are those that last one day, those that take place over a full weekend, those that take place in parking lots or urban structures, or those that invite us to immerse ourselves in nature and the comfort of a campsite.

There is something for all tastes and we are more than sure that sometimes they have reached your ear … the air-cooled movement, the national day of “Kombis” (as defined in South America), the international Volkswagen exhibition, the South American Meeting of Escobar, the Patagonian Encounter. All of these are regional ramifications of the VW events that for years have been emerging and encouraging all of us, the most fans.

DNF – Dia Nacional do Fusca – Curitiba, Brasil

What more to say about VW Bus Events

In a life on the road in the company of your faithful VW Bus, we believe that these occasions are an undeniable opportunity.
An experience to try, feel, and see with your own eyes at least once… if you’ve never participated yet, here are some reasons to put them on your map!

Share your rolling passion and in many cases your choice of life.

These meetings bring together people who live like you, travel, and dream alike with these icons of freedom. It is like speaking a new language but one that we understand perfectly.

1. Create new bonds of friendship.

Although the meetings are brief, the participation is so heartfelt that you will end up leaving with new friends. Travelers who will always be throwing a hand at you and when you cross some corner of the world it will be amazing to meet and hug again.

2. Learn to share.

Whether it is a brief chat, a delicious meal, a look at the engine, or a part of a mechanical spare part, learning to share information, objects, experiences and knowledge are what will fill you the most with memories and gratitude for everything you lived through.

3. Receive help, advice, mechanical data, and maintenance of the jewel you handle.

Normally, a VW Bus mechanic will always be present at meetings, ready and prepared to be consulted on the hottest topic and, indeed, physically kidnapped and thrown into the engine of each bus.

4. Camping in good company.

There is nothing better than being able to enjoy a few days with friends in places of nature. Especially without having to look for basic services, and safe and suitable places to camp, don’t you think?

5. Know the culture of a country.

Yes, because in a meeting people come together from many parts of the same country and from other neighboring countries. So let’s take advantage of these moments to appreciate the diversity that makes us so special.

These events will serve your cause very well if your trip is also financed through the sale of your crafts.

Nothing better than enjoying work, right?

This article was kindly contributed by one of our Buslifers Ambassadors. To follow their journey, you can find them on Instagram at @sentidos.humanos. You can also read their Buslifers profile right here. Stay up to date with all the latest VW Bus Events on our socials.

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