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Connecting your value with our community

We partner with brands and businesses that align with our vision to make Buslife fun and accessible to all. If you have a product or service that would be of value to Buslifers, please tell us an introduction to your business and we will get back to you to discuss our collaboration opportunities.


If you have a service or product that is related to Buslife or would be valuable for Buslifers, such as mechanics, camper rental, or even selling your VW Bus, then adding a listing in the classifieds section could be for you. You will get exposure to Buslifers worldwide and they will be able to filter based on location and category


Across the Buslifers network, there are a number of opportunities to have an advert placed. Either in our banners on the website, in our newsletter or on social media.


If you want to feature your service or product in the Buslifers magazine, we can review your product or service and share it with our audience.


By sponsoring the Buslifers network, your brands logo will appear on our website and several other places on a regular basis, such as the newsletter and our social media platforms.

Does your product or service align with the Buslifers Network? Let’s collaborate!


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