Hey we are Fla & Willy

On January 6, 2019, we went out to fulfill this dream of living the nomadic life in Doña María, a VW kombi which we transformed for a year and a half from a bus to what today is our warm and beautiful motor home.

We travel without time, enjoying each place, each town, and population. Going slowly, to the rhythms of the music, the laughter, and teachings that this trip is giving us. We love nature, what we like the most is stopping next to a river or lagoon and watching Margarita, our dog, swim. Music is a big part of this journey with Willy’s voice and guitar, and Fla’s handicrafts.

Our life mission is...

We are still in the search of what we came to this world for, and the trip, or rather, this lifestyle is teaching us many things that we had and we have to discover. In principle, the closest mission we have is that Willy can take his music everywhere and together travel every corner of all America from Ushuaia to Alaska.

Our best Buslife advice

We usually watch movies or series, Willy rehearses his songs on the guitar and we sing together, Fla paints mates and/or makes various crafts to later sell at fairs, we play board games. We don't have time to get bored!

We do not have a marked route and we do not know where we are going to sleep tomorrow haha. Usually, we are guided a lot by the recommendations of the people, or having seen someplace in a photo and saving it to be able to visit it later. We always drive during the day, therefore we arrive at the destinations during the day and we have time to investigate well where to stop on those days.

The best thing about traveling in a Buslife is that you have the possibility of sleeping wherever you want, staying near a river, the sea... in a forest or at the foot of a mountain. It is having your house where you want, your place to cook and sleep, your autonomy of electricity thanks to solar panels. For now, we do not change this life for anything, we love being nomads and enjoying life a different way than usual.

“SEA” by Jorge Drexler, that song represents us a lot, we even have it printed on our kombi:
"It's already in the air turning my coin..."

We sell handicrafts online through Instagram with @darlelavueltatienda, also with the kombi in squares, fairs, and others. Willy works with his music in bars or next to the kombi when we sell. We have a small fixed monthly income that we save for any unforeseen event. We are open to working whatever it takes to be able to solve this trip!

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