A Christmas Gift List for Buslifers 2024

VW Bus Christmas

The jury may be out on whether November is too early to put up the Christmas decorations but we can agree it’s never too early to do your Christmas shopping. After all, the more shopping you get done in November, the more time you can spend enjoying December’s festivities. So put on your ugliest Christmas sweater, make yourself a hot cocoa, and settle in for this year’s Buslifers Christmas wishlist. This is our annual round-up of top road travel products that help you decide what to buy for the VW Bus lovers in your life or what to ask Santa for yourself. Find everything from useful stocking fillers to high-ticket items that can make Buslife even better in 2024. What will you be asking Santa for this year?

Top-tier Buslife gifts

Those with a bigger budget looking to find high ticket gifts for that special Buslifer should check out the latest must-have travel gadgets. From photography to electricity, the list of useful Buslife tech items is ever-growing, but we have chosen the ones we think will be highest on every Buslifers’ wishlist.

Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Pro €2289

Get the ultimate off-grid power set up this Christmas with the Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Pro. With a 1512Wh capacity and 1800W inverter, the solar panels will charge the generator in just two hours. Not only is it powerful, but the compact lightweight set is easy to use and store too. Yes, it’s a high ticket item but if that’s the price to have the luxury of going off-grid then it’s worth every cent.

SUP – Stand-up Paddleboard $200

Take your adventures beyond the road with an SUP (stand-up paddleboard) that allows you to safely explore lakes, rivers, and coastlines. This TIGERXBANG board complete with a paddle, pump, and case is easy to set up and packs tightly into the back of your VW Bus. We have recommended our favorite affordable SUP but those with a bigger Christmas budget can invest in more ‘serious SUPs’ by brands like Blue Fin and Sea Gods.

Dakota Lithium Batteries $600

Excuse our pun but it has to be said, Dakota Lithium batteries are the gift that keeps on giving. These high-performance batteries are lighter, last longer, and hold more energy than regular batteries, giving you more peace of mind on the road. Starting at around $600 for a 12V 60AH battery, it’s a bit of a splurge but an investment nonetheless.

Dakota Lithium 24v 60Ah Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Single Battery

Laveo Dry Flush Toilet $895

It’s a bit counterintuitive to gift someone a Laveo toilet, so this one might be the perfect gift to give yourself this Christmas. The Laveo is an innovative compact portable electric Dry Flush toilet meaning it’s waterless, odorless, chemical-free, and low-maintenance. With one of these to hand, you can light that apple cinnamon candle knowing the scent won’t be overpowered by unwelcome toilet odors!

DJI Mini 3 Drone $469

What’s the point in parking somewhere astoundingly scenic if you can’t get a birds-eye-view image or video to show it off? With the DJI Mini 3 Drone to hand, pretty park-ups will never go to waste again. With its easy-to-use navigation and intelligent flying features, it’s the best-quality drone available for recreational drone users.

Best Affordable Buslife Christmas gifts

While lithium batteries and dry-flush toilets are certainly useful and very generous gifts, not every VW Bus has the capacity for such items. Therefore, we have also curated a list of the best affordable Christmas gifts that would be perfect for every Buslifer. Some are practical, some are fun, and others are even inspirational! 

Buslifers Annual Calendar 2024

We MAY be completely biased on this one but we think the Buslifers Calender 2024 is the perfect gift for any VW Bus lover. Use it to count down to your next adventure, to keep track of the days when you’re too busy having fun on the road, or to set goals for buying your own VW Bus. Plus, each month features a handpicked photo of one of our very own Buslife ambassadors beautiful buses for the ultimate inspiration. 

Omnia stovetop oven $79.99

In a lifestyle where basic household appliances like a washing machine and oven are considered a luxury, the Omnia stovetop oven is an exceptional gift for anyone living on the road. Easy stovetop dishes like curry and pasta are always enjoyable but sometimes you just want some oven-cooked favorites like lasagna, pizza, and roast dinner.

Kombi Counselling AU$120 per hour

Anyone with a VW Bus will know that the bus is in a perpetual state of “Almost fixed”. Our friend George from Hire a Kombi has been a VW Bus mechanic for over 15 years and it’s fair to say knows his way around a bus! The gift of Kombi counselling is perfect for anyone with a VW Bus for the next fix.

Portable Espresso Machine €79.90

We can’t recommend the Nanospresso enough for Buslifers because not only is it a portable espresso machine but it’s also small, compact, and powerful. What’s more, it’s super eco and Buslife friendly because it operates on a manual pumping mechanism meaning it doesn’t require batteries or any of the bus’ precious power.

Wacaco insulated vacuum mug €28

A good quality thermos is the kind of gift you don’t know how much you will love until you start using it. Pretty soon, you won’t know where you’d be without it. This Wacaco insulated vacuum mug keeps your beverages at the temperature you want them regardless of how warm or cold your bus is and being spill-proof, it’s safe to set down even on uneven surfaces. It can even be engraved!

Bulli print picnic blanket €19.95

Every VW Bus needs a cute Bulli print picnic blanket for those moments that you park up somewhere scenic and would rather sit out on the grass to eat lunch rather than inside (which is likely quite often!). Providing a clean and comfortable surface wherever you go, it’s a welcome extension to your tiny home on wheels.

VW T1 cookbook €17

This VW T1 cookbook combines delicious and easy-to-make recipes with scenic VW Bus travel photos for inspired Buslife cooking. Life on the road can be busy, so having a Buslife-friendly cookbook to hand can eliminate the stress of buying and making satisfying dishes is always a good idea.

The Scrubba travel washing machine $55

Finding places and time to do your laundry on the road can really hinder the freedom of a Buslifer, but thanks to The Scrubba, a packable manual washing machine, this is no longer the case. This carbon-neutral company has created patented technology that allows you to effectively wash clothes in a watertight bag. Since it is super light and folds right down, it is the perfect washing machine solution for us Buslifers.

A notebook/journal €12.95

Every Buslifer should have a great notebook and pen to write down their exciting stories in. By gifting these to a keen adventurer, it shows that you care about them making special memories to hold onto forever. Perhaps they might even write a best-selling Buslife book in it! We love this VW Bus notebook.

Stocking Fillers for Buslifers

When it comes to stocking fillers, Buslifers don’t want anything impractical. So avoid cute but useless gifts like snowglobes and joke books (most of them should never have been published anyway). Instead, fill the stockings with their favorite candy and small but useful items…preferably adorned with VW Buses.

VW Bus Keychain €14.95

It should go without saying that anyone who owns a VW Bus must have a VW Bus keychain on their set of keys. No explanation needed. And of course, the best keychains are those with an attached bottle opener like this gorgeous metal and enamel T3 Bulli here.

VW T3 "Bulli" Bus/Campervan Keychain/Bottle Opener
VW T3 “Bulli” Bus/Campervan Keychain/Bottle Opener

Bulli Mug €11.95

Mugs are the kind of gift that can’t be badly received thanks to their practicality but the best ones offer a little reminder to let the recipient know how well you know them. For the Buslifers out there, THIS is that mug. Find it with buses in a range of styles and colors to match their vehicle.

VW Bus playing cards €19.95

Whether it’s a rainy day stuck inside the bus or a starry night sat around a campfire, it’s always good to have a deck of cards to hand. With these VW Bus playing cards, you can admire the elegance of the classic T1 whilst winning a game of gin rummy. 

Bulli pocket knife €34.95

Although living in a VW Bus is not quite as extreme as living in the bush, it’s surprising how often a pocket knife comes in handy. This kitsch 3D VW Bus pocket knife, featuring a knife, file, scissors, bottle and can opener, and a corkscrew, may just become a Buslifer’s new best friend.

Bulli mini model magnet €17.95

Measuring 5x2x2 cm, this metal and enamel VW Bus mini model may just be the most adorable magnet we have ever seen. Consider it the perfect token gift for a Buslifer because it won’t take up room in the van and it can be used to hang travel photos and reminders on the fridge or walls!

Carbon Monoxide Detector $11.99

Nothing says “I care about you” at Christmas to a Buslifer than a carbon monoxide detector. Again, it might not be very exciting, but it is certainly thoughtful. These detectors are an essential yet often overlooked travel essential that will keep your loved ones safe on the road. Read more about their benefits here.

If you’re looking for more Buslifers gift inspiration, head to our new online shop where you can find more of the best items for VW Bus lovers on the internet. Merry Christmas!
Emily Draper
Author: Emily Draper

Having visited over 70 countries across all seven continents, it's safe to say Emily has the voice of a true traveler. She has lived with the Hare Krishnas in Chile, an Amazonian tribe in Peru, and a retiree named Jerry in a Wisconsin trailer park. Now, Emily has embarked on the coolest adventure yet: across Europe in her self-converted bus.


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