A Guide to the World’s Best VW Clubs

One of the best parts about being a VW owner or enthusiast is the community that comes with it. At Buslifers, we are passionate about creating and strengthening this ever-growing community in any way we can which is why we have created this guide to the world’s best VW clubs. By being part of a VW club in your country or the local area, you get to enjoy the VW lifestyle to the fullest. Not only can you use it to find out all you need to know about restoring your vintage vehicle, but you can also use it to make lifelong friends! Plus, you will become part of a movement of people that, since the early 1960s, has shown that VW ownership is a lifestyle. One that is fun, loving, and freeing.

Although joining a club certainly isn’t a requirement when owning a VW, it enhances the experience in many ways. If you’re not already a VW club member, you can find out what the benefits of joining one are in our guide to the world’s best VW clubs, then search the list of clubs in your country for one that fits you. There are all kinds of VW clubs out there from vintage VW enthusiasts to family-oriented camping clubs, but each one is centered around a common appreciation for Volkswagons.

What are VW Clubs?

VW clubs are community groups of VW owners and enthusiasts looking to share their passion with like-minded people. Often, VW clubs are used as an online and in-person platform to exchange knowledge and advice about VWs, provide news, and organize club gatherings and events. While some are small members-only clubs with an annual fee, others are free to join as long as you fit the criteria, which is usually just a passion for all things VW! Most clubs are organized by region/state/ or city because it gives VW owners and enthusiasts a chance to get to know their local VW crowd. It also gives members a central location for their preferred meeting points and driving distances!

What Do VW Clubs Do?

First and foremost, VW clubs are communities where VW owners and enthusiasts can get to know each other. One way the clubs assist with this is by arranging events like camping weekends, show ‘n’ shines, and even drag races. You don’t have to be part of a club to attend these kinds of events, but they’re always more fun when you know some other attendees! Many VW clubs also hold monthly meetings to give its members a chance to talk about the club, discuss future plans for it, and catch up with each other. While some gatherings and events are for serious VW enthusiasts who want to talk shop, others are for families who want to enjoy a fun weekend with other campers.

VW clubs are also utilized as resources for technical information and advice on maintaining and restoring VWs. Many clubs run forums where members can start a thread to discuss any VW-related topic they like such as resto-modding, upgrades, and history. It’s often the best place to go for such information because the threads reach hundreds if not thousands of VW owners and enthusiasts who have excellent experience-based knowledge, help, and advice. Even if Google can’t tell you where to find that part you’ve been looking for, or how to replace it, your fellow VW club members probably can!

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How Do You Join a VW Club?

Although the word ‘club’ sounds intimidatingly exclusive, this isn’t the case at all! All clubs have a list of requirements for people to meet in order for them to become members, but most of them are happy to welcome anyone with a passion for VWs. Others require you to own a VW vehicle and the more niche clubs are specific about the kind of VW you own. For example, the VW T2 Owners Club in the UK does indeed require you to own a T2 if you wish to join. Each club has its own set of rules and requirements, which you can see listed on our guide and get further information about by clicking on their website.

Find Your Local VW Club in our Directory

There are probably thousands of VW clubs of all shapes and sizes around the world. This is really encouraging because it means VW is still keeping us all connected, however, it can be difficult to whittle down the ones that are suitable for you. To help you on your way, we have created a directory of the very best VW Clubs across the world, categorized by country or continent, and given you the lo-down on each of them. This will help to connect you with the clubs that are most suitable for you both in terms of location and focus! Start by searching for your region by clicking on our table of contents or by scrolling down.

If you don’t see your VW club on the list and you would like to see it on there please get in touch!

The Best VW Clubs in the UK

Volkswagon Owners Club Great BritainNationalA formal club for VW enthusiasts by VW enthusiasts which boasts great benefits including discounted goods and services, free show tickets, and moreAnyone can join!
The Split Screen Van ClubNationalA club for Splittie (pre 1967) owners and enthusiasts that together help preserve and celebrate this model and enjoy camping weekends throughout the yearOwning a Splittie is not a prerequisite for joining the club, you just need a great passion for them!
Historic VW ClubNationalA club and specialist magazine for VW T1 owners and enthusiasts to come together and share information about restoration and mechanics, and uphold the vehicle’s historyThe club is open to VW T1 owners and enthusiasts around the world
The Dub ClubNationalA casual VW club with over 6,000 members who organise camping weekends, monthly meets, and festival get together across the UK and internationallyThe club is open to anyone but it will most benefit those with VW cars or campervans
London & Thames Valley VW ClubLondon and Southeast EnglandAn award-winning family-style club that has been running since 1968 and provides regular meet-ups, days out, and camping trips as well as its own eventsAll VW enthusiasts located in southeast England
Cornwall VW Owners ClubCornwallA family-oriented owners club that arranges frequent meet-ups, cruises, camping, and hosts the well-known Jamboree festival and swapmeetVW owners based in Cornwall and the southwest
VW Type 2 Owners ClubNationalA club that aims to preserve the legacy of VW T2s with preserved and restored T2 owners who share technical information and meet on regular camping tripsVW T2 owners and enthusiasts with particular insight into this specific vehicle
Dubs of VanarchyNational + WorldwideA UK-based global group with over 11,000 members. As well as running groups and forums, t arranges regional and national meet-ups, and is planning its own festivalVW owners and enthusiasts worldwide
Leicestershire and Warwickshire VW Owners Club (LWVWOC)Leicestershire and WarwickshireThis 60-year-old VW Club is one of the longest-established in the UK. It holds regular meetings, provides help and advice, and organizes the annual Stanford Hall showAll VW Bus owners in the listed regions
North East VW ClubTeesside, Cleveland, and the North EastThis well-established club holds member meetings on the first Tuesday of every month as well as organizing local drive-outs, charity events, camping weekends, and festival meet-upsAll VW vehicle owners in the North East

The Best VW Clubs in Europe

VW Bus Club SchweizSwitzerland (National)This is one of the most popular and well-established VW clubs in Switzerland and the go-to place for all info on meet-ups, parts, camping, forums, and moreIt is open to any VW Bus owner (T1-T5) and enthusiasts
Lemania Coccinelle ClubSwitzerland
(but Europe-wide)
This is a VW Beetle and aircooled engine club which organises forums and meetings including the annual Chateaux d’Oex, an international aircooled meetup in the Vaudois AlpsAnyone with an aircooled engine!
VW Bus Friends SwitzerlandSwitzerland
A relaxed and friendly VW Bus club that focuses on upholding the legacy of the Bulli with meetups, camping weekends, and other community activities and eventsAny VW Bus owner or enthusiast
The Volkwagon Bus Club NetherlandsNetherlands
One of the Netherlands’ most well-established VW Bus clubs, known for its regular meetings, technical days, and spring and autumn annual camping weekendsClassic and modern VW Bus owners and enthusiasts
VW T3 Club BelgiumBelgium
Since starting as a meet-up in 2019, the VW T3 Club has grown to become one of the biggest in Belgium with meetings every spring, summer, and Christmas timeOwners and enthusiasts of the VW T3
VW Bus Club KoblenzGermany
A large-scale national and international German-based club for all VW Buses of all ages that specialises in hosting events like camping weekends and tuning meetingsAnyone with a VW Bus of any age
VW Team NLNetherlandsA Dutch club that builds its own cars and visits events and festivals across EuropeDutch residents with an interest in VW and Audi
IG T2GermanyA Bulli club specializing in restoring Bullis, attending VW events across Germany, and supporting members on their restorationsGerman Bulli owners, specialists, and enthusiasts
Amics del Volkswagon CatalunyaSpainEstablished in 1983, this club is one of the oldest in Spain and it holds the annual Concentracio Classics Volkswagon, one of the country’s main VW eventsVW vehicle owners and enthusiasts in Catalunya
Jokeristi ItaliaItalyThis is the biggest VW T3 club in Italy with a particular enthusiasm for Westfalia camper conversions. It runs a forum with over 3,000 membersNational and International T3 owners

The Best VW Clubs in the USA

West Coast Classic InteriorsWest Coast
(based in Oregon)
A classic interiors company specializing in VWs that runs a 12,000-strong Facebook page where people can find VW parts, watch restorations, and meet like-minded peopleAny VW Bus owner or enthusiast can join
Colorado VW Bus ClubColoradoA group of VW Bus enthusiasts that share photos, videos, advice, and information on Facebook as well as arrange local meetups and camp outsAny VW Bus owner or enthusiast can join
Vintage Volkswagon Club of AmericaNationalA well-established club with an interest in the historical, technical and social aspects of VW ownership that provides a newsletter, forum, help, and event meet-upsAny VW owner or enthusiast
Volkswagon Club of AmericaNationalA 60-year-old club that hosts annual conventions and events like the Oktoberfest, posts news online, supports VW events, holds member meetings, and moreAll VW owners and enthusiasts nationwide
Cascade KombisWashingtonA member’s club with monthly meet-ups, show and swaps, cookouts, and event attendanceKombi owners in Washington
Vintage Transporter OwnersRedlands, CaliforniaA club focused on ‘keeping it stocked’ and promoting classic VW Bus restoration rather than adding modern modifications with advice, support, and eventsStocked vintage VW Transporter owners
South Florida VW ClubFloridaA community-oriented VW club that loves show ‘n’ shines, cruise-ins, camping, and even gatheringsAll VW owners in the South Florida regions
Houston VW ClubHouston, TexasThis club is a volunteer organization devoted to the preservation, restoration, and customizing of the Volkswagen that encourages meet-ups and event organization in TexasAll VW owners and enthusiast in Texas
Central Kentucky VW ClubKentuckyA club that organizes meet-ups and promotes community events and gatherings through its Facebook groupAll VW owners and enthusiasts in Kentucky
Central Coast VW ClubCaliforniaAn online community that creates gatherings and events in central California for vintage VW ownersVintage VW owners in California

The Best VW Clubs in the Americas

Bulli BoysVancouver, Langley, and
Western Canada
This well-established club focuses on the preservation and enjoyment of VW Transporters of any kind with attendance to regular meetings and events including The Great Canadian VW ShowThe club is open to any VW Bus owner
Club Vochas Costa RicaCosta Rica
An established enthusiasts club run by enthusiasts that provides community and resources, and arranges regular meetups that welcome families and singles alikeAny VW Bus owner and enthusiast
Kombi Clube BrasilBrazil
(Sao Paulo)
An established decade-old club based in Sao Paulo dedicated to preserving VW history and promoting the Kombi culture with fun meetups and eventsThe club is open to any VW Bus owner
Sampa Kombi ClubeBrazil
(Sao Paulo & Rio)
As one of the top VW Bus clubs in Brazil, it provides members with a go-to place for technical information as well as a large community that regularly gathers for exciting eventsThe club is open to any VW Bus owner
Club Kombi ArgentinaArgentina
A community network that shares photos, videos, and information on its forum where members can get to know each other and arrange meetupsThe club is open to any VW Bus owner
Kombi Lovers ChileSouthern ChileThis club has a 13,000-strong Facebook community that shares restoration information, photos and videos, sells parts, and posts eventsThe club is open to any VW Bus owner or enthusiast
VW Kombi Club UruguayUruguay
A club that hosts meetup and camping events and features a 5000-strong Facebook community that shares information, photos, and moreThe club is open to any VW Bus owner or enthusiast

The Best VW Clubs in Australasia

Club VeeDubAustralia
(Sydney & Canberra)
Founded in 1985, Club VeeDub is one of Australia’s leading VW Bus clubs. As well as running an informative website, it publishes its own VW magazine ‘Zeitschrift’ and hosts monthly meetings and regular eventsThe club is open to any VW Bus owner or enthusiast
Bad Little BuggersBrisbane, QueenslandA family-focused VW owners club that enjoys day trips and camping weekends. It also hosts the annual event ‘Valley of the Dubs’VW owners in Queensland
Flat Four Vee Dub ClubSydney, NSWA club based in Sydney that brings enthusiasts together through shared knowledge and advice, as well as an array of events like camping weekends, cruising days, drag races, and partiesVW owners and enthusiasts in and around Sydney
Kombi Club AustraliaSydney-based but nationwideA large forum-oriented club of 13,000 members that shares info and advice about kombis and holds swap meets and eventsVW owners and enthusiasts in Australia
Volkswagon Club of VictoriaMelbourne, VictoriaBeing one of the oldest VW clubs in Australia, this club participates in numerous events and activities, including cruises, technical days, swap meets, trade shows, and even overseas tripsVW owners and enthusiasts in Victoria, Aus
Auckland VW Owners ClubNew Zealand, NationwideA social club with monthly meets, events, a Facebook group, and a newsletter to keep all VW owners up to date with the latest and encourage members to share their knowledge and passion for VWsVW owners in New Zealand

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