Celebrating the Inaugural International Volkswagen Bus Day and the New ID. Buzz

The iconic VW Bus has played a pivotal role in society and counterculture for over 70 years and now it’s finally being honored with its own annual celebration. Volkswagen has collaborated with The National Day Calander to create the annual International Volkswagen Bus Day. It is an official day dedicated to celebrating the VW Bus, its legacy, and its promising future. The inaugural International VW Bus Day will occur on 2 June 2023, the same day the company launches the latest version of the all-electric ID. Buzz. 

This is exciting news for the VW Bus community which boasts fans and collectors everywhere from the USA to the Philippines. While the VW Bus has has a global impact for decades, this is the first opportunity we have to celebrate this beloved classic car as a global community. Not only will this new annual celebration serve as a joyful reminder of all that the VW Bus has done for us, but it will also serve as fuel for its impact for generations to come.

Buslifers is honored as a Top 100 Volkswagen Bus supporter

As part of International Volkswagen Bus Day, Volkswagen and The National Day Calander invited 100 of the community’s most passionate and enthusiastic supporters to celebrate the event with them. Buslifers is pleased to share that we are among these top 100 supporters and we can’t wait to do what we do best and support this event and help bring the VW Bus community closer together! This recognition is particularly poignant as we approach a celebration of our own: the 5-year anniversary of Buslifers! We are tremendously excited to see what the next five years bring as we continue growing and connecting our wonderful community.

Why is the VW Bus getting its own celebration day?

For long-time fans and supporters of the VW Bus, the announcement of the launch of an annual International Volkswagen Bus Day seems like a natural step in the continued evolution of this iconic brand. 

The first VW Bus was launched in 1950, positioning itself as more than a reliable way to get from A to B. It was the first car brand to promote a vehicle as a means of freedom. It was also the first to encourage self-expression through its versatility and customizability. Looking back, the revolution it started was inevitable. For the first time in their lives, people could see beyond the horizon and had the means to get there. 

In the decades following, the VW Bus became much more than just a panel van, a people carrier, and a campervan. It became a symbol of freedom and counterculture that transported rock bands to their gigs, hippies to festivals, and anti-war protestors to demonstrations throughout the 60s and 70s. 

But as the revolution of counterculture settled into becoming a normal part of society, the VW Bus continued to stand out as Volkswagen continued its evolution through the decades. By the 80s, it had transformed from the simple loaf-shaped panel van to the chrome-detailed microbus with surrounding windows, and then the transformer-style angular pop-top camper.

As the VW Bus has continued to evolve over the decades, so has its meaning and importance. Today, it connects people across borders and through the generations, each of whom share a passion for freedom, travel, and individuality. Looking back, how many other things can we say have connected people in this way? The revolutionary impact the VW Bus has had from its conception to this very day deserves recognition to help spread the joy it has brought to so many of us across the world for more than 70 years.

How is International Volkswagen Bus Day being celebrated?

Volkswagen of America is hosting celebrations for the inaugural International Volkswagen Bus Day in one of the country’s most VW-centric cities — Huntington Beach, California. However, the whole world is welcome to attend online as the event will be broadcast live throughout the day starting at 11 am on RadioWoodstock.com and on YouTube. Expect to see an exciting program of events throughout the day including live entertainment, product showcases, and meet and greets. And if you live nearby you can register to be one of the lucky 300 VW Bus owners to attend this historic event in person!

How can you celebrate International Volkswagen Bus Day?

Since we can’t all hop in our bus and tootle on down to Huntington Beach for the event, Volkswagen has thought of a way to make sure everyone can get involved no matter which corner of the world they come from. So what do you have to do to show your support and excitement for International Volkswagen Bus Day? 

Simply post a picture of your favorite VW Bus with the hashtag #vwbusday on June 2nd. You can post a picture of your very own VW Bus, a picture of your favorite famous VW Bus, or even a picture of your favorite generation of VW Buses whether it be the T3 or the brand-new ID. Buzz.

Of course, there are many more ways to celebrate and show your support for this memorable day. You can get your local VW Bus club together for a meet-up, ride-around, and a few celebratory drinks in commemoration of the vehicle that brought you all together. Alternatively, you can take your family on a special outing in your VW Bus. In all likelihood, you’ll see many more VW Bus lovers out and about too!

Here are a few of our favorite photos for #vwbusday

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Unveiling the new all-electric ID. Buzz

Yes, the bus is back! As part of the International Volkswagen Bus Day celebrations, Volkswagen of America will be unveiling the new VW ID. Buzz. It’s the first all-electric VW to be modeled on the original VW Bus with a spacious three-row seven-seater people carrier form. The microbus is powered by Volkswagen’s modular electric drive kit featuring an 82 kilowatt/hour battery with an expected range of 275 miles. 

Continuing the VW Bus’ legacy, the new ID. Buzz will come in seven striking color options, including four with the classic candy-white roof and bold color base. Yet, it embraces modern comforts like a 10-inch digital cockpit display and info-tainment system. Although it’s eight years younger than its predecessor, the VW T6, the new ID. Buzz’s futuristic exterior makes the T6 look decades older. 

The release of the newest ID. Buzz is highly anticipated and its grand reveal on International Volkswagen Bus Day on the 2nd of June will make its debut that bit more exciting. This is the first time a new model of the VW Bus has been released since 2015 and with the rapidly growing demand for greener travel and transport, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Future of the VW Bus

With the news of the inaugural International Volkswagen Bus Day approaching and the next ID. Buzz being launched in the next year, the future of the VW Bus looks brighter than ever. Not only are we taking strides as a community to ensure the legacy of the VW Bus’ history and purpose lives on, but we are also taking strides to ensure its relevancy in our rapidly developing tech-centric society. Therefore, the announcement of the inaugural International Volkswagen Bus Day couldn’t have come at a better time  — there’s so much to celebrate! We can’t wait to hear all about how you choose to honor the iconic VW Bus on 2nd June 2023 and see your favorite pictures using #vwbusday.

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