Hey I'm Matt

I’ve been obsessed with Volkswagens since I was 4 years old. My first car was a ’71 beetle. Then, four bugs, a Baja, and a Ghia later, I finally landed on a VW Bus and it changed everything. I’ve apprenticed under certified VW mechanics, racing champions, and learned a ton from others in the community. Volkswagens are life.

I’ve primarily driven air-cooled VWs for over 20 years. I started the Tucson Bus Mob in 2008, at the time we had 3 members. Now we have around 90. I left my career as a designer fabricator in 2017 and decided to focus and building a new career around air-cooled VWs.

My life mission is...

To keep air-cooled VWs on the road. I’m a specialty air-cooled mechanic with over 20 years of experience. I set out a few years ago to interview VW clubs, air-cooled garages, VW parts stores, and aftermarket outfitters. I’m mostly interested in the people keeping these cars alive.

My best Buslife advice

Bugs 'n' Buggies in Tucson Arizona. It's been my shop since I was 16. Now, I'm keeping it alive working under their roof.

The cliffs of Big Sur call to me. Watching the sun set over the cliffs and the ocean are one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Bailing wire, zip ties, and hose clamps. With those three items you can fix a majority of problems on the side of the road.

Buslife helped me believe in myself. When you set off into the world with only a 50 year old vehicle, a handful of tools and your own gusto it changes you. You have to believe that you can handle any problem that comes up in your way.

Check your fuel lines often. Different areas tend to have differences in gas. This can harden or even cause fuel lines to crack.

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