Hey I'm Abii

I’m a 22 years old student that does uni from my VW Bus to save on accommodation! I have always dreamed of owning a VW T3, doing it up exactly how I wanted, and traveling wherever I want to go! As a child, my family and I would always go camping. So, I’m sure that’s where my love for Buslife and traveling the UK came from. People really underestimate the hidden beauties of the UK!

When I finally made that dream a reality in February 2021, I felt an instant emotional and spiritual connection to the bus and what we could do together. As for me, I’ve got a Romanian rescue dog and two cats. While the cats prefer the luxury of home life, my dog Cora and I will be seeing as much as we can before Kathy the dream bus has driven her last drive!

My life mission is...

Happiness. I spent far too much of my youth wasting time on simple sadness, and nature gives me that peace and contentment that I strive for in life! I love to stay busy. However, days off are important and you know what they say, if you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life! That’s my mission; love what I do. Every day, no matter what it is that I’m doing, as long as I’m happy, my mission is complete.

My best Buslife advice

Usually, I'm sure people say not having a toilet, but I've got one under a stool behind the passenger seat! So for me I'd say not being handy with repairs is tough when you've got an old bus, but I'm learning!

I love Brighton (my first camping trip to Brighton is what made me apply to uni there years later) but also the Lake District is just insanely beautiful!

1. A tool kit for a start! Which includes duct tape!

2. Secondly, I'd say a gas stove, hot drinks and food is an absolute blessing on chilly evenings or after a long drive or hike!

3. Lastly I'd say my little portable solar panel, it's great for a quick charge up of the leisure battery, phone, torch etc. And it tucks away nicely behind my driving seat!

I am genuinely a nervous driver, I passed my test just before the pandemic so never really had a lot of solo driving experience. Having to drive around a big old brick has definitely helped boost my driving confidence! It also really helps my anxiety to be able to know if I ever need to escape to a beautiful nature spot to calm down and clear my head, I can.

being able to take yourself to places you may never have experienced otherwise. For me, not just physically either. The emotional connection I have to some of these beautiful places is almost healing.

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