Hey we are Lars & Rene

We love to have adventures together, visit foreign cultures, meet interesting people, see beautiful landscapes, and discover nature all over the world. We especially love to do that together with our daughters. Stimulate them to look into this world with an open mind full of wonder and curiosity.

We love the freedom to explore, find peace, enjoy each other, and seek experience while living and traveling in our ’76 oldtimer VW Bus. We’re always on the hunt for that perfect spot down by the river, on top of the fjord, at the beach, or from the top of the mountain peaks. Dreaming, planning, and traveling our Buslife trip!

Our life mission is...

We want to show our daughters every aspect of this beautiful, rough, inspiring, scary, complex world and life! There is so much to discover out there, so our statement is to better start young!

Our best Buslife advice

Freedom, simplicity, minimalism, and solidarity. It gives us the freedom to follow our hearts. Living on a bus lets us understand that we are surrounded by stuff we don't need at all. But the most important thing for us is that it shows what is really important to us - spending time together, making memories, and understanding how beautiful the planet is.

In June 2017, we bought our bus after a 6-month process of finding the right one. We started by figuring out what kind of bus we would like to drive. We really like air-cooled oldtimers, so a Volkswagen was a serious option. For us, it was important that the bus should have four sleeping places because our little daughters travel with us of course. Our dog is also a loyal travel mate, so a bit of extra space on the floor isn't a superfluous luxury.

Definitely Norway because of its nature! Its nature is pure, wide, and rough. Portugal has also stolen our hearts because of its versatility, but when we've got to choose Norway is the best destination ever.

We prefer to use the Dutch books "Rustiek Kamperen" (rustic camping) for camping spots. These books offer lots of quiet spots in the middle of nature. For every country in Europe, there's written a book. When we want to find a wild spot we use the app "park4night".

Slow down and follow your kids. Don't plan and think too much, but just let it go. Our advice to anyone who wants to make a road trip with your kids is, to do it right now! The right time will never come, but it's definitely going to change your mind completely. Don't let your fears be bigger than your dreams.

If you still have any doubts or questions, don't hesitate to contact us! We will help you finish deciding and advising you on everything that we know.

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